Spend a couple of hours on customer retention as part of your SEO strategy.

firms that provide contextual advertising

Spend a couple of hours on customer retention as part of your SEO strategy.

Almost all SEO firms, as well as firms that provide contextual advertising, display advertising, and other similar services to drive visitors to a website, face a major issue. Customers who are dissatisfied even though all contract obligations are met 5+ are the problem. Every month, managers must effectively resell the service, which grows more difficult with each passing month. The worst part is that you can't counter the customer's claims because there are no orders coming in from the site. Let's speak about how to solve this issue.

First, let's deal with the reasons
(we look from the point of view of the head of an SEO company)

Is there a problem in the work of the advertiser-optimizer (production does not pull)? On the contrary, he will provide hundreds of pages of reports confirming that he did everything great (but where else in seo?). The position of the site in the search is simply sky-high. Advertisements at minimum rates on special placement positions. Even targeted traffic to the site is plentiful and stable (although under the contract you report only for positions, and you can score on the volume and quality of traffic).

Is the problem with the client side managers who process requests and work with buyers?I really want to appeal to this, but it's not the same! To work with buyers, orders, letters and calls from these same buyers are needed, which are not there. And let the customer, a reserved person, but he openly declares that your services cost him more than the site brings money. And in general, he is no longer thinking about changing the agency, but about completely abandoning advertising on the Internet.

Is the problem in your management that works with the customer? Again not true. Give them a bonus, since in this state of affairs they manage to keep him on the subscriber for a month. Once the SEOs kick in, so that not only the site is well searched, but also the traffic is targeted.