OSRS Abyssal Dagger: How to Obtain the Most Powerful Dagger

In the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Abyssal Dagger stands out as the most powerful dagger available.


In the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Abyssal Dagger stands out as the most powerful dagger available. If you're looking to wield this mighty weapon, we'll guide you through the steps to acquire it. Discover what makes the Abyssal Dagger special and how you can add it to your arsenal in OSRS.

Unveiling the Abyssal Dagger

The Abyssal Dagger holds the title of the strongest dagger in OSRS. To wield it, you'll need an Attack level of 70. This exceptional weapon surpasses the power and accuracy of the Staff of the Dead, boasting a +5 attack bonus and a +3 strength bonus. While the staff leans towards slashing attacks, the Abyssal Dagger focuses on stabbing motions.

The Abyssal Dagger's Unique Features

Recently updated, the Abyssal Dagger now correctly aligns and appears in the hands of female players. Its distinct characteristic lies in its blade pointing downwards when equipped, making it one of only three daggers in the game with this orientation. The other two daggers are the dragon dagger and Keris.

Unleashing Abyssal Puncture

The Abyssal Dagger possesses a special attack called Abyssal Puncture. This devastating attack strikes opponents twice rapidly, boasting a 25% accuracy boost. However, it comes with a 15% damage reduction, consuming half of your special attack energy.

Abyssal Puncture executes a dual attack, meaning both strikes either hit or miss together. Against other players, the maximum damage dealt by the Abyssal Puncture is 40-40. However, with a salve amulet equipped, undead creatures can suffer 46-46 damage. Comparatively, the special attack of the dragon dagger surpasses the Abyssal Dagger's damage potential.

How to Obtain the Abyssal Dagger

To acquire your very own Abyssal Dagger, you can use an OSRS Unsired item on the Font of Consumption, located in the middle of the Abyssal Nexus. This grants you slightly over a 20% chance of obtaining the dagger. For each Abyssal Sire kill, the odds of receiving the dagger are approximately 1 in 492. Another, albeit rarer, method involves obtaining a drop from Abyssal Demons, with odds around 1 in 32,000.

Purchasing the Abyssal Dagger from the exchange can be quite expensive, costing over 2.5 million OSRS gold. Many players opt to Buy OSRS GP to afford such items at these prices. When seeking OSRS gold for sale, it's crucial to ensure you choose a reliable source. Look for websites with 24/7 customer service chat, read customer reviews, and never disclose passwords or card details to avoid scams.


The Abyssal Dagger is a highly coveted and potent weapon in OSRS. While it may not be the easiest item to obtain, its strength makes it well worth the effort. Keep in mind the various methods of obtaining the dagger, from defeating Abyssal Sire to acquiring drops from Abyssal Demons. If luck isn't on your side, consider purchasing the Abyssal Dagger from the exchange or exploring reliable sources for OSRS gold. With the Abyssal Dagger in your possession, you'll be well-equipped to face the challenges of Old School RuneScape.