What are the Pros of Taking a Nursing Online Class

AdventHealth University Online, for example, provides online students with tutoring and counseling. This support is critical for success in a demanding program. The school also helps online students find clinical placements in their communities.


Many people worry that online learning is an isolating experience. However, high-quality online programs offer the same PCN 100 Topic 3 Benchmark interactions as on-campus nursing schools.





Online nursing programs offer a lot of flexibility for students, particularly those who need to work full-time and balance their studies with their career. This is especially true for registered nurses who are going back to school to pursue their bachelor or master’s degrees.


Most online nursing courses are self-paced, and students can complete their coursework at any time with a computer and an internet connection. This makes it easy for nurses to study at home, at their job, or even on vacation if necessary.


A study on a nursing self-paced video learning method that taught clinical skills to baccalaureate students showed that it increases student satisfaction compared with other instructional methods. However, the study did not show that the method improved students’ competency skills in practice. This is probably because the students were unable to immediately practice the skills that they learned from the video. The results suggest that a more comprehensive evaluation of the video learning method ENGL 148 Research Paper Overall Effectiveness of Overdose Reversing Drugs needed.


Support Resources


Unlike traditional classroom courses, online nursing programs allow students to access additional resources. Often, this includes PDF books that offer supplementary learning materials and quizzes that can help improve comprehension and prepare for exams.


This supplemental material is helpful for those who are studying on their own or in groups. It is also important for those with varying learning styles, as not everyone learns the same way. For example, some students may struggle with taking notes while watching a lecture, which SOC 100 Topic 1 Globalization A Near look is not an effective study method for them.


Other students find that joining an online study group helps them focus and stay accountable. This can make the difference between passing and failing an exam or even the entire program. Regardless of what type of learning environment you choose, it’s important to remember that the most important thing is the end result: becoming a licensed nurse. That’s where the real power comes from. If you’re ready to start your nursing career, click here to discover our hybrid ABSN program.




Online nursing programs typically allow students to keep their work and personal life separate, making it easier to focus on the material. They also offer flexibility by allowing students to study anywhere they have access to a computer and reliable internet. This can be a major benefit for nurses who work varying shifts and have family responsibilities.


However, students in online nursing programs must still maintain discipline to complete assignments outside of class and to stay on top of deadlines. Moreover, they may have to take specialty courses in areas that are not of interest to them. This can be a challenge, especially for students who find it difficult to concentrate in physical classroom settings.


Some schools offer hybrid courses that require some in-person classes along with an online component, but most programs allow students to earn their associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree entirely online (minus clinical hours). Before choosing a program, it is important for potential nursing students to consider the pros and cons of each option to ensure they select MHA FPX 5010 Assessment 1 Current Environmental Analysis program that will best meet their needs.


Time Management


Nursing is a fast-paced career that requires strong time management skills. It’s important to manage patient care, internal administrative responsibilities and educational goals in a way that prevents burnout.


To save yourself some stress, consider reducing your number of tasks by scheduling your work for the day and organizing tools or supplies that you use regularly. This includes things like pens, tape and alcohol swabs, which can easily get lost on the job. Arrive to work a little early and take 10-15 minutes before clocking in to check off the items on your list and prepare for the day ahead of you.


Nursing students should also remove distractions such as social media feeds, phone calls and talking coworkers to ensure they can focus on their tasks. Using planners to organize assignments and schedules can help reduce multitasking and increase productivity. In addition, working with a community of fellow nursing students and instructors can foster collaboration on different time management strategies.