Gene Synthesis Market Volume Forecast and Value Chain Analysis during 2022-2029

Strong research in next-generation sequencing and genomics and an increasing preference for personalised medicine are the primary factors driving the global gene synthesis market to rapid maturity.


Strong research in next-generation sequencing and genomics and an increasing preference for personalised medicine are the primary factors driving the global gene synthesis market to rapid maturity. Gene synthesis is also gaining popularity in molecular diagnosis for the treatment of genetic and infectious diseases as it enables the detection of genetic variations and predicts drug responsiveness.


Against this backdrop, personalised medicine, with its patient-centred approach, has gained significant momentum. These factors, coupled with the rising global disease burden, are expected to drive innovation in the gene synthesis sector. Seeing this lucrative business landscape, industry leaders in the gene synthesis industry. are set to engage in next-level collaboration and open innovation to develop more sophisticated, efficient, safe, and reliable techniques for gene synthesis.


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Rising Disease Burden Soars Demand for Gene Synthesis Among HCPs & Patients


On a global scale, the prevalence of chronic diseases has been consistently rising which is fuelling the demand for new and effective therapies. In this context, healthcare providers (HCP) and patients are considering gene therapy as an optimal method to manage chronic and infectious diseases. Gene therapy can improve the management of endemic and infectious ailments while allowing researchers to understand drug resistance and screen targets for vaccine and therapeutic development. This has attracted researchers to use gene synthetic constructs to accelerate gene therapy, using recombinant DNA technology, single-chain antibodies, and DNA & RNA ribozymes. The cumulative force of these factors is driving the demand for gene synthesis, creating profitable business outcomes in the gene synthesis market


Sound Demand for Accurate & Precise Diagnostics Opens New Business Prospects


Advancements in gene synthesis or synthetic DNA technology have led to breakthroughs, offering viable and effective solutions to address the rising number of pathogens and associated diseases, such as the COVID-19 virus. The emergence of new strains of Sars-CoV-2 has increased the demand for targeted therapies, driving the adoption of gene synthesis for screening. Research institutions and facilities have also turned to gene synthesis techniques to develop accurate diagnostics for new diseases. This technique efficiently supports medical testing providers in developing reliable and accurate diagnostics for a wide range of conditions. In the coming years, diagnostic procedures are predicted to become more sophisticated and precise, contributing to the expansion of the global gene synthesis market.


North America to Sustain Dominance Across Global Gene Synthesis Market


The gene synthesis market is expected to see significant growth in North America, with Canada and the United States leading the way. The rising prevalence of chronic and genetic conditions has increased the demand for personalised medicine, creating new opportunities in the region’s gene synthesis market. Moreover, an advanced healthcare infrastructure, government support, rising investments in medical R&D, and strong economic growth are driving growth across North America’s gene synthesis industry. Notably, the Asia Pacific is also emerging as a promising gene synthesis sector due to robust medical innovation and the increasing demand for DNA replication.


Leading Market Players


Genewiz Inc., Brooks Automation Inc., Merck KGaA, Biomatik, OriGene Technologies Inc., Eurofins Genomics, Integrated DNA Technologies Inc., ProteoGenix, Twist Bioscience, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., and GenScript are some of the major players in the gene synthesis market.


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