Gay Wedding Rings: A Look at the Varieties of Rings for Men and Same-Sex Couples

Human beings have always celebrated our love for one another, but for much of history, those who were not allowed to marry who they chose were prohibited from showing love in this way. The legalization of same-sex marriage was a huge step forward for LGBT people

Human beings have always celebrated our love for one another, but for much of history, those who were not allowed to marry who they chose were prohibited from showing love in this way. The legalization of same-sex marriage was a huge step forward for LGBT people, and now those couples can proudly wear wedding rings to signify their commitment. However, finding rings specifically designed for same-sex couples can be difficult, as mainstream jewelers often fail to consider the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. To help gay and lesbian couples find something special, we’ve done the research and compiled this list of the best gay wedding rings, same-sex engagement rings, and couple wedding bands on the market.

Gay Wedding Rings Men
For men who want to mark their commitment to their partner, there are some great gay wedding rings specifically designed with them in mind. These bands usually feature simple designs that exude masculinity without taking attention away from the significance of their commitment. Notable features of gay wedding rings for men include bold black and silver metal combinations, unique textures, and accent stones. Most of these rings come as a pair and can be personalized with engravings to suit the couple’s wishes.

Couple Wedding Band
For same-sex couples who wish to show their love in rings that are identical, couple wedding bands are an excellent option. These sets of two rings are typically made from the same metal and feature matching designs, such as two antique-style diamonds encircling the band. Some couple wedding bands are even custom-made to fit two partners’ individual ring sizes, fingers, and style preferences.

Marriage Wedding Rings for Men
As same-sex marriage continues to be legalized across the country, more and more gay couples are deciding to make their commitment official. To mark this occasion, marriage wedding rings for men are popular choices. These rings tend to feature a more substantial design than your typical wedding or couple bands, usually involving precious metals or colored stones in addition to small diamonds or details. Marriage wedding rings are also easily custom engraved with messages of love.

Same Sex Wedding Bands
When choosing wedding bands, same-sex couples often go for similar designs, such as two-tone rings or rings with two different types of metal. Same sex wedding bands may also incorporate a variety of textures and styles, like a black and white band with hammered silver overlay, or a titanium band with rose gold detail.

Same Sex Engagement Rings
For those who want an engagement ring that shows off their individuality and celebrates same-sex love, there are a few great options. Many same sex engagement rings are designed to be unisex, such as a striking platinum band with a diamond eternity across its center. Others are designed with one partner’s style in mind, like a contemporary bezel-set design featuring two accent stones to represent the couple. On top of that there are some unique rings featuring rainbow gems or a halo of rainbow diamonds surrounding a solitaire center stone.

Couple Wedding Ring
Couple wedding rings are the perfect way for a same-sex couple to show off their commitment. Similar to same-sex wedding bands, couple wedding rings are usually made from two different metals and feature a matching design for both partners. This can be as simple as two heart shapes intertwined as one or feature a bold pattern of two different symbols. Depending on the couple’s style and budget, couple wedding rings can be simple and understated or complex and laced with detail.

Gay Mens Engagement Ring Sets
To an outsider, finding an engagement ring set for two men may seem impossible. But in truth, there are plenty of sets that have been designed specifically for gay couples. These sets usually consist of two rings—one narrower band to denote the proposal and a second, wider band that represents the commitment—which usually come with a variety of inlays and textures or matching stones. With the right design, gay mens engagement ring sets can be seen as symbols of a lasting, enduring commitment.

Engagement Ring for Lesbian
When looking for engagement rings for lesbian couples, finding something just as unique as the relationship is key. To ensure everyone’s individual style is represented, two separate rings—one for each partner—will make a beautiful statement. But if the couple wishes to choose a set, braided rings, each band featuring smaller set stones, make for a romantic addition that celebrates the unity between them.

Rings for Gay Men
There are a variety of rings available for gay men, from commitment rings to more fashion-forward choices. Titanium is a great option for any type of ring for men, as it’s an incredibly strong metal. Other metals like cobalt or stainless steel may also be chosen for the ultimate in durability. Additional options include rings with meaningful engraved messages, such as “love conquers all” or “love without limits”, or those with a gentle pattern of stones that sparkle against any wrist.

Best Fibers for Gay Men
When choosing a ring for any gay man, comfort should be the main priority. Common ring materials, such as gold and platinum, can often be too heavy for everyday wear and may lead to irritation. For this reason, we recommend materials such as tungsten, titanium, and cobalt—some of the strongest and most durable. They’re all lightweight, so they can be worn without discomfort, yet modern and stylish enough to be fashionable.

No matter what style or technique they choose to show their love, gay and lesbian couples in the modern world now have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the perfect way to express themselves. Whether they choose to go with traditional or non-traditional wedding rings, same-sex engagement rings or couple wedding bands, gay men and lesbian couples have no shortage of beautiful and meaningful options.