Is the Atomstack A5 Pro good model for beginners?

A laser engraver is the dream of everyone who loves DIY projects. Whether it is wood, aluminum or acrylic glass, it can be engraved and cut by machine. This of course opens the door to many creative projects.

laser engraver is the dream of everyone who loves DIY projects. Whether it is wood, aluminum or acrylic glass, it can be engraved and cut by machine. This of course opens the door to many creative projects.

Atomstack offers the A5 Pro, an affordable entry-level model that is easy to set up, can be finished in under 30 minutes, and engraves a large area with high precision.

The Atomstack A5 Pro ships in a brown cardboard box with no recognizable label or logo on the outside. If you open the package, you will find that each part is carefully packed in black foam. Additionally, in addition to the machine itself and the tool kit used to screw it together, three boards, a user manual, and accessories to operate the machine are included. Last but not least, it is worth mentioning the safety goggles that come with the machine for laser protection.

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Assembly is accomplished in just a few easy steps. The entire assembly process takes approximately 30 minutes. However, this is due to the cumbersomeness of the tools provided. In total, you have to connect five axles to each other. To do this, screw three screws to the frame. With the frame in place, screw the rod of the laser head on top. Finally, the four feet must be screwed together, three screws per foot. Now the frame is ready, just plug in the cables to control the axes.

Overall, we were particularly blown away by the quality of the frame during assembly. Not only does this one look powerful, but it's also very sturdy and visually striking. Plus, the frame is easy to assemble, and the A5 Pro's individual components are of high quality.

Is Atomstack's A5 Pro a good model for beginners? We can confirm this question with a clear conscience. The machine itself is solid and stable, easy to set up and can be controlled via an app in just a few simple steps. Especially when it comes to woodcarving, the A5 Pro does a good job at a reasonable price. Operations through the app are solid and goal-oriented, but some additional functionality can be implemented in the app.

Other materials can of course be engraved, but this requires more preparation and setup testing. Especially as a beginner, you'll have to fiddle with the material a little to create results that are worth seeing. All in all, the Atomstack A5 Pro is a smart and good investment if you're looking to get into the DIY world of sculpting.

How to laser engrave wood?

Laser engraving and laser cutting of wood.
Efficient way to work wood.

Laser engraving wood is a great way to get creative and achieve unique effects. Whether it's toys, jewelry, decorations, arts and crafts, furniture, model making, prototyping, photo engraving, school supplies, gifts, shop improvement, knife handles, picture frames or lettering - laser cutters can be used to create countless wood products.

Laser woodworking is characterized by the immediate evaporation of material in the cut area, resulting in fine, burr-free gaps. This non-contact process means that no fixed objects are required, making handling easier, faster and more flexible.

In addition, laser engraving of wood neither wears out the laser itself nor requires the purchase of additional tools. Cut quality is consistently high and the results are impressive.

If you want to get the most out of your laser cutter, you should be processing multiple workpieces at once with practical color assignments.

With these tips, woodworking with a laser cutter is sure to be successful, and you can take full advantage of the many benefits that laser engraving wood has to offer!