Genshin Impact Concept Gives C7 Levels to Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa

Constellations are utilized to upgrade the Genshin Impact roster of characters

Genshin Impact accounts characters could be upgraded with power boosts through constellations, and today one fan has established a concept that provides a seventh constellation level to Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa. Since HoYoverse released Genshin Impact in 2020, the city has gravitated with characters over others due to their powerful abilities, but this concept could breathe new life into less popular characters.

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A Reddit user has developed a unique idea for Amber, Kenya, and Lisa that provides them with slight adjustments via a constellation beyond what Genshin Impact players can buy. Constellations are utilized to upgrade the Genshin Impact roster of characters. Though Hoyoverse hasn't added a seventh constellation toward the potential improvements that the Genshin Impact character is capable of, this concept can be a glimpse into the future of the action RPG.

Reddit user Iloviendo has garnered 2,400 upvotes on the post concentrating on Genshin Impact Pyro hero Amber, Cryo character Kaeya, and Electro-infused Lisa and also the abilities which are tied to them. Amber's seventh constellation concept includes improvements that are tied to Baron Bunny converting her normal attacks into charged aim shots for a limited time. With these changes, Amber gets increased attack damage that contributes towards the total damage of Fiery Rain by 25% of her attack stat with each charged aim shot that connects by having an enemy. Click here to determine the full Reddit post.

Lisa's seventh constellation is dubbed "lightning rose," also it increases her elemental mastery by 25% throughout a burst attack, something the most recent Genshin Impact character struggles with. At the conclusion of Lisa's seventh constellation burst, she'll be rewarded with 0.3% of her total elemental mastery in energy that could then be employed to do more harm to whatever Genshin Impact enemy Lisa faces. Kaeya's seventh constellation concept is brief but useful because it increases his attack power by 25% and boosts his weapon with Cryo energy for 4 seconds.

Although Hoyoverse hasn't added new constellations to those characters, it may be an idea that the developer looks into later on as Genshin Impact remains updated with fixes and fresh content. Given that all Genshin Impact heroes may likely get the seventh constellation treatment at the same time, it's currently unclear what Iloviendo has planned for characters like Barbara, Dehya, or Diluc.

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