Royal Golden Bough

The mission of "Dark Heart" is a non-hidden mission that the Assassin player can learn from the Assassin Tutor after level 25. Because the mission process is extremely complex, it can not be completed at this stage.

The boy took a good look at Mo Li, blinked hard, and covered his mouth in shock, "Yes, yes." Mo Li tuts twice, these two people are well-dressed, but unfortunately the brain is not good. Pull up Zhou Yaner, "let's go back." Zhou Yaner looked suspiciously at the blue-robed man, snorted, pulled up Mo Li, and walked out without looking back. The man locked their backs tightly and his eyes were deep. —— When the two sisters returned to the carriage, Zhou Yaner asked, "Princess, don't you think the man just now looks familiar?" I seem to have seen it somewhere. I don't think so. Mo Li didn't have a good rest for a few days, and now the sleepyhead came up, so sleepy that he couldn't open his eyes. "Don't you think his appearance is very special?" Said Zhou Yaner to himself. "Mmm." Or would she have noticed. He should be a native of Yan. Mo Li opened his apricot eyes and yawned. "It seems so." "I seem to have seen him." "Where have you seen him?" Zhou Yaner tapped his left palm with his right fist and suddenly realized, "I remember, he is." "Who are you waiting for?!" Suddenly the carriage stopped and the coachman shouted. Then, a series of conversations sounded outside the carriage. Zhou Yaner opened the curtain, and the man who stopped the carriage was just a pair of masters and servants. "What can I do for you?" Asked the coachman. "I'm sorry,hot tub spa manufacturers," said the man's servant. "I have an unkind request." Slowly, he made an unacceptable request, "Can you ask the girl in the red dress in the car to do a blood test with my master?" Coachman:.. Mo Li: ".." "Ridiculous!" Zhou Yaner was a little angry. "Is it difficult for you to think that my sister is your master's daughter?" Without waiting for the boy to speak, the man said lightly, "It's possible." The girl is too much like his former lover. Zhou Yaner snorted coldly, "impossible!" "Nothing is impossible." The man half raised his arm and told the boy, "Take out the portrait." The boy quickly unloaded the bundle and pulled out a scroll from it. The man took it and spread out the scroll in front of the two sisters. On it was a picture of a young woman,endless swim pool, the first moth eyebrow and the willow flower Jiao. That woman is like a big version of Mo Li. Mo centrifugal a tight, subconsciously grabbed Zhou Yaner sleeve. Zhou Yaner patted her on the back of her hand. "Don't worry, you two," said the young fellow with a smile. "My master is by no means a scoundrel. He won't deliberately embarrass you. The woman in the painting belongs to my master.." The boy paused. "It's my master's wife. She looks too similar to this young lady. Anyone will be suspicious. Please cooperate with me. Don't force us to use force." "Use force?" Zhou Yaner frowned coldly. "Do you know who we are?" The boy smiled and pointed around. "You two are either rich or noble." Accompanied by many dark guards, they must not be ordinary people. Zhou Yaner: "Don't give way if you know!" The man stopped the boy and said in a cold voice, "It's just a blood test. What are you afraid of?" Mo Li looked at the man, "If you want to have a blood test with me, you should declare yourself first." "Blood test first, and if necessary, you will tell me." "Announce home first, otherwise, Ma Liu makes way!" The man's eyes are closed, and the little girl is very strong. His character is totally different from that of Joran. Think of Joran, heart pain. Followed by, jacuzzi suppliers ,Chinese spa manufacturer, is the man's whole body outbreak of hostility, the tone of speech cool a few degrees, "girl, I have no leisure to argue with you, today, you do not want to test, also have to test." Mo Li is aware of the strong hostility he exudes. This is a disagreement, so he gets angry? What a bad temper! Besides, his mother's name is not Joran. Stoop out of the carriage, sit on the other side of the shaft, holding the whip pointing at the man, "this girl is very busy, hurry to get out of the way, or.." "You want to run over me?" The man is so calm. That's right "The courage is not small." Mo Li grinded his teeth, grabbed the reins, and then waved his whip. "Drive!" The carriage clattered away. Mo Li gradually accelerated the carriage, secretly competing with the man in front of him. Strange to say, what's the strength of competing with strangers? It's inexplicable. When he was five feet away from the man, the man still stood still and did not blink. When the carriage was thirty feet away from the man, a group of dark guards suddenly appeared around and rushed to the horses pulling the carriage. Boom. The horse was knocked over. Mo Li hugged Zhou Yaner, leaned over and jumped, and fell to the ground. Several figures came out of the grass and began to fight with the dark guards. Zhou Yaner was still in shock and patted his chest. Mo Li raised his hand for her and soothed her softly. "It's all right. I'm here." Zhou Yaner in the heart a warm, once that proud princess, has been able to protect the people around. Zhou Yaner once again looked at the difficult man, "This matter can not be discussed again, my sister was born noble, born in a famous family, how can you be the heir of this reckless." Smell speech, the man hooks lips, "wild?"? A famous family? In my eyes, all of them are not worth mentioning. Zhou Yaner stared at him with a tiger face. Who is he showing that he looks down on anyone? Where does his confidence come from? The man also lost patience, is not a drop of blood, these two little girls are not too ink. The palm under his clothes turned over and suddenly hit them. Smoke, be careful! Mo Li pushed Zhou Yaner away, turned his palm into a fist, and confronted the man. Two people fight, Zhou Yaner rolled up his sleeves, left and right hands Bah two times, step toward them, dare to bully the princess, who gave him the courage! However, without waiting for him to take two steps, the man's personal servant rushed over with a vigorous step and drew a knife across Zhou Yaner's neck. "Let your people stop quickly. If you hurt my master, you can't atone for your sins even if you lose your whole family's life!" "Let her go!" Out of the corner of his eye, Mo Li glanced at Zhou Yaner,Whirlpool bathtub, who had been kidnapped, and turned to save him. Girl, your opponent is me! The man stopped Mo Li. The other dark guards fought with each other so hard that they couldn't get away. Mo Li pursed his lips and threw down his dagger. "Let him go!" The man was satisfied. "Tell your man to stop." "Tell your men to stop first." Good at bargaining.