Emotional support animals: merits and demerits  

On the positive side, emotional support animals can provide individuals with comfort and emotional support, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. They can also help individuals manage post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health conditions. Emotional support animals are re


Over the years, people across the globe have found mental and emotional assistance from their dogs. You'll know if you own dogs how calmer you feel when you look at your pet's puppy or adult when you have finished a stressful day and how it can bring you a smile.

realesaletter is a leading brand in the USA that provides individuals with emotional support animal (ESA) letters. We believe that emotional support animals have numerous benefits, but like anything, there are also potential downsides that need to be considered.

On the positive side, emotional support animals can provide individuals with comfort and emotional support, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. They can also help individuals manage post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health conditions. Emotional support animals are recognized by the US government, and individuals with valid ESA letters can bring their animals into housing and on flights for no additional fees.

However, it's important to consider some of the potential drawbacks of having an emotional support animal. Some animals may not be well-behaved in public, causing distractions or even damage. In some cases, individuals may use ESA letters as a way to circumvent pet restrictions, which can cause problems for others in shared housing or public spaces. Additionally, some individuals may develop unhealthy or co-dependent relationships with their emotional support animals.

At Realesaletter, our team of licensed mental health professionals understand the potential benefits and drawbacks of emotional support animals. We provide real esa letter to individuals who truly need the emotional support of their animals, in compliance with federal and state laws. We also educate our clients on the responsibilities that come with having an emotional support animal, and provide resources for training and behavior management.

Our goal at Realesaletter is to help individuals in the USA receive the emotional support they need, while also considering the potential drawbacks of having an emotional support animal. Trust Realesaletter for a dependable and trustworthy way to obtain an ESA letter and navigate the process of having an emotional support animal.

People who have experienced the comfort that a dog can bring have been touched by their dogs at some point in their lives. Dogs, however, sometimes help people get through the day. Emotional support dogs (ESD) are viewed in the U.S. as animals that provide a person with disabilities with positive advantages. In order to identify an emotional support dog, a physician must assess the physical, emotional, and mental limitations of the individual. Continue reading to find out how to recognize their top benefits if you are not aware of the many benefits emotional support dogs offer.

Less Loneliness

It can be very lonely when you are dealing with mental illness. Many people suffering from these issues have trouble performing in social settings as well as in public. They are often isolated because of how unsecure and insecure they are. However, their mental health problems get worse due to the isolation that results in the cycle of depression and anxiety continuing.

It's been established that the dangers of loneliness and isolation can be lessened when one is supported by an animal. In the first place, the dog is a great companion. A person is no longer being forced to spend the day in a lonely state and it's very relaxing to have a properly trained dog around.

The presence of a dog gives you more opportunities to socializeFor example, dogs are fond of going for walks, and the owner can meet other people in a park or on walks. It allows a person to create significant connections with others and develop their social abilities at the same time.

Calming Effects

Those dealing with mental instability complain more often about panic attacks than any other condition. When you feel you can't trust your brain, and you have severe anxiety, it's very easy to get anxious. As a result, it's often very debilitating.

If you have a dog that can provide emotional support nearby, it can assist in combating the negative effects anxiety can cause. However, to obtain one, you need to get an emotional support animal letter from a certified mental health professional. Numerous studies have demonstrated that when a person engages with a dog they trust, that stress levels drop. Stress levels decrease anxiety when they are lower, and this has many benefits for physical and mental health.

Physical Benefits

While there are many positive mental health effects of having an ESD but there are also excellent physical benefits, too. Dogs can allow people suffering from an illness an incentive to get up and moving. This includes simply going out to the backyard for a game or walking through the neighborhood, staying active and exercising can have positive mental and physical effects.

If there is a decrease in mental symptoms, such as stress and anxiety and stress, the body responds positively. Many parts of your body suffer from bad mental health. However, for a lot of typical issues, having an emotionally supportive dog could be a viable solution.

The following are a few of the most positive physical effects created by the use of ESD

  •     Having lower blood pressure
  •     Reduced cholesterol
  •     Low levels of triglycerides
  •     Enhanced physical activity

CONS of an Emotional Support Animal:

Time Consumption:

As with any responsibility, there is an increase in time usage. When you already have a hectic schedule, it might be hard to maintain the routine care and maintenance needed, based on your dog's breed and your personal living circumstances.

Health Care:

There's also maintenance and health like shots, vet visits, training bathing, cleaning teeth, cutting or brushing hair, washing face folds (for certain breeds) , cutting nails, drops for ear and eye drops and more. Based on your breed's health requirements. Much time and energy will be put into keeping your dog healthy.


The time-consuming process and health care are costs! Pet insurance can be costly If you decide to purchase it, based on the breed of your dog. Plans offered by the Vet or at places such as Petco could add up well, but they could or might not cover shots or other medicines your dog might require. Pet items start to accumulate by using the purchase of food being one of our most frequent purchases. We also provide dog food delivered automatically by Chewy.com. There are also toys, treats, brush, wipes, shampoo, toothpaste collars, leashes, beds and crates, pee jackets, pads as well as other items. With the possibility of upgrading as they get bigger.emotional support animal letter will also include in this.

Travel Considerations:

Does the hotel allow pets? Do trains or planes allow pets? What are the maximum size limits for pets? Is it feasible for us to go on a journey with them? Or will we require someone to sit on them? There are two dogs in our home which makes it a lot more difficult to find a person to pet sit two dogs. There is more thought put into deciding the best way to bring them along and leave them at the home of a relative or friend's home. Some facilities provide overnight or extended pet care, but it isn't cheap either.