How old does an ESA Dog have to be?

An emotional support animal is a kind of pet for those people who are having mental health issues.

An emotional support animal is a kind of pet for those people who are having mental health issues. In this fast-paced life, everyone is busy in his/her life and people often have no time for each other except for special occasions.


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People with mental health issues suffer greatly from the lack of companions or friends that can provide emotional support when they need it the most. Everyone is busy making ends meet, who would have time for hearing other people out?


That is where an ESA plays its part. People suffering from mental health issues after consulting with their local mental health professional keep an ESA dog as their companion.


It does not have to be a dog only, it could be a cat, a turtle, a bunny or a bird. However, I have heard dogs are the best emotional support animals. Well, it is also my personal preference.


People often talk about the appropriate age of the dog and some people do not go for it because they don’t know better. The biggest downside is, they don’t even bother reading about it. This blog post is for those people who are always curious about the age of the ESA dog and do not take the first step required to keep an ESA dog.


Don’t worry people, I am going to talk about it in a while.

What does an emotional support dog do?

An emotional support dog helps people with anxiety and depression. It minimizes their anxiety and most of the time, people feel better after spending time with their ESA pet.  However, one thing that you should know is, an ESA dog is not a service dog.


Yes, there are some similarities but you can’t call it a service dog. Service dogs are different and they are professionally trained, but that is not the case with ESA dogs. How do you get an ESA dog? Well, you have to get an ESA letter from your local healthcare professional. Once the letter is approved, you are allowed to take the pet home.


I don’t think age matters in this regard. Usually, it is said that an ESA dog can be of any age and it is true. You can keep a puppy or an adult dog as long as it is fulfilling your purpose. The only requirement is that the owner should be of 14 years and above as per the letter from the prescribed mental health professional.


I don’t think age matters. Although, they should have socially appropriate behavior.

So don’t worry about the age and get an ESA dog if you think you are capable of taking care of it.


It matters that you know how to take care of your pet. You should be aware of its wants and needs and if he is potty trained or not. Pets also demand attention no matter what their age may be. It is your job to reciprocate.


After all, they are living and breathing animals.


Some people prefer puppies because they think that dogs older than that cannot be handled. This is a huge misconception because any dog no matter its age and body size is well behaved if he is trained properly.


You shouldn’t discriminate against dogs because dogs are the best, people. Animals, in general, are beautiful creatures so, love them and they reciprocate equally.


Most people complain that their landlords don’t allow bigger dogs. It’s not a thing to worry about and all you have to do is to show them an ESA letter for housing. Don’t hesitate because it is your right and be confident about it. The letter does not specify the age or size nor is it a requirement.


Know your rights, folks.

You know ESAs are a great support when it comes to emotions and often, people who are suffering from mental health issues, suffer greatly. This is an opportunity for you to inform and educate landlords about ESAs.


If you want to do it for yourself, do it for others as many people could benefit from awareness. Trust me, it always works.


Make sure, your letter is signed by a licensed mental health professional, otherwise, the landlord will not cater to it.


I hope you are less worried about the age of an ESA dog now and all the misunderstandings are clear.

Again, don’t confuse ESA dogs with service dogs because service dogs are trained properly and some of them are trained to help people with severe disabilities.


Well, it is up to you if you want a trained ESA dog or wanna adopt a puppy that you have wanted to train since birth. The former is easier and you won’t have to do much; but training a little puppy can be tiring yet rewarding.


Make sure you meet the criteria before signing up for an ESA letter.  It is also important for your wellbeing as well as for the wellbeing of your pet.


How do people know you have a service dog?

It’s simple, get a badge that states that you have an ESA dog or buy a custom-made vest that has initials of ESA. This is a great way to avoid conflicts with the landlords and people in general.


One more thing to know is whether your dog is older or younger, they don’t have the same rights as service dogs. In many places, ESA dogs are not allowed such as restaurants or aeroplanes.


Anyway, if you want an ESA dog then, make a request pronto because why wait?