Tips to Get to Level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic Faster

Playing World of Warcraft Classic can get frustrating if you don’t know how to level up to 60. Many twists, turns, and blocks prevent you from getting to the next level because you either lose money or you

Playing World of Warcraft Classic can get frustrating if you don’t know how to level up to 60. Many twists, turns, and blocks prevent you from getting to the next level because you either lose money or you lose a life. To make your game go a bit easier and get farther along, this guide will help you level up to 60 in no time. Many players remember their first ventures as a long and strenuous process towards max level - level 60, where the end game content becomes available and one starts TRULY progressing their characters. Nowadays, we are used to the convenience of purchasing WoW Classic Boosting directly from Igvault, they has everything you need to provide professional assistance in achieving any WoW Vanilla game goal quickly and effortlessly.

Questing in Classic WoW

Questing is considered the most common way of leveling in WoW Classic. The advantage of leveling solo is, as you're usually doing it alone, you are not dependent on a group, and can play whenever your schedule allows it. Without a reliable group to do dungeons, Questing can be as efficient as dungeons.

When questing, you got to consider three factors that will determine how fast you can level: combat, recovery, and travel time.

Combat, as the same states, is the time you will spend killing enemies for your quests. Learning new spells and getting gear with more offensive stats will greatly reduce your combat time.

Recovery is the time you will spend regenerating your resources between killing enemies. Unlike Retail WoW, you will not be able to constantly chain enemies in Classic WoW, as you're likely to run out of resources very quickly if you do so. Gear stats like Spirit, Food and Drink, and even bandages from First Aid can greatly aid you with recovery times.

Travel Time is the time you will spend traveling from quest objective to quest objective, from zone to zone. This is the portion that usually takes the longest, at least before your first mount at level 40, so it is important to try and optimize your questing. Questing addons such as Questie or ClassicCodex and guides such as our Alliance Leveling Route and Horde Leveling Route can greatly cut on travel time.

Dungeon quests

Dungeons play a huge role in the Leveling process. In sum, the time required to arrive at the Dungeon and clean it up is not justified by the amount of XP that the player can get there, so you shouldn’t take part in cleaning the Dungeons without having the corresponding Dungeon Quests! Dungeon Quests bring HUGE XP boost, so they are one of the most effective tools for Leveling. You can complete several Dungeon Quests in one go, thus gaining a large amount of XP in 1 Dungeon Run. Please note that different Dungeon Quests give different amounts of XP, and the time required to prepare for some of them (completing the preliminary Questline) is not justified by the amount of experience gained, while some Dungeon Quests don’t require serious preparatory work and give a lot of XP:

Travel time reduction

A huge amount of playing time in WoW Vanilla is usually spent on a journey from one location to another, so you need to use all available resources to reduce the time spent on the road, and also learn to kill mobs without slowing down the pace of movement, thus not wasting time on the road and getting some XP during traveling. Mount purchase will be available only after reaching Level 40, so you should make sure to get transports as soon as possible and get a + 60% movement speed. Make sure you have enough money in advance to buy Mount once you reach Level 40. Traveling on Mount also allows you to kill mobs without slowing down, and reduces the time required to travel around Azeroth by 60%.

Track gear item level

Equipment and its high Characteristics are the keys to increasing the Character’s survival, so the player must carefully maintain the high quality of the Character’s armor, weapons and other equipment. In addition to a competent approach to choosing armor and weapons, you must also take care that you have the necessary auxiliary items, such as Potions and Trinkets, which also affect the Character’s survival, the effectiveness of his attacks and many other parameters. However, you should find a balance and choose not ideal armor with good enough Characteristics instead of diving into the activity of extracting a unique piece of armor as this process will slow down your Leveling and delay the moment you reach Level 60. Make sure that the Level of your equipment is optimal for your Character‘s stage of development.

Train new skills

Use the benefits that Skills give you! Spend time and Gold on Training Skills. Every +2 Level opens a new Skill, which is available for study. In order to learn new Skills, you need to contact your Class trainer in one of the big cities. Despite the fact that learning new Skills becomes available every time after increasing the player’s Level by 2, it makes sense to train new Skills every 5-6 Levels (depending on the Class) so as not to waste extra time moving to the coach.

Talents and optimal spec

A competent approach to choosing Spec will help you avoid many mistakes and maintain a high pace of development. Spec should be selected based on your Class and primary role. You can choose and improve the corresponding talents that can find many uses in the game, even if you play different roles in different situations, however, focusing on the main direction of development will allow you to show greater efficiency and, thus, speed up Leveling. Talents have various properties and are conditionally divided into 4 groups: movement speed talents, hit/crit rating providing talents, resource pool capacity talents, regeneration increase, and downtime decrease talents. While gaining advantages in some respects, the player must also learn to use the acquired advantages.

Get a profession

Professions will be a real push for your Character’s leveling and your gaming performance as a whole due to three factors: firstly, choosing a profession, you master a skill that will help you during the game. Secondly, you will be able to create items so that you can later sell them at a bargain price and thus receive additional income. Thirdly, you will save money, because you don’t have to resort to the services of other players and buy the items they produced. Despite the benefits that the Profession provides, it is also worth noting that the process of improving the level of proficiency of any of them is long and energy-consuming. In total, there are 12 professions in the WoW Classic (9 Primary and 3 Secondary), among which each player will find a suitable craft. Igvault will improve your Proficiency at ANY chosen WoW Vanilla Profession quickly and at the cheapest price on the market. An individually selected professional Booster will reach the required Profession Level much faster than the average non-professional player, and very soon you will be able to fully enjoy all the bonuses of the desired profession.

Gold is important

The financial side of WoW Classic is striking with realism. The size of your inventory and bank account is strictly limited, so you must prioritize and choose which items to keep and which to throw away. If you open an additional bank account, this will not only save you from the need for strict loot prioritization but will also help you earn some Gold by selling unnecessary items you now can keep for a long time not carrying them around. Use every opportunity to earn Gold: it provides a large number of opportunities, access to unique resources for high-quality production, useful Skills, purchase of excellent gear, and much more. Having a stable financial position, you can fully realize your gaming potential and reduce the time required to achieve high levels. If you want to save yourself the need to save money and give an impetus to the development of your Character, buy the necessary amount of Gold.

In order to reach Level 60 and start a real game, the player must follow a variety of factors and build the right strategy in such a way that the priorities set out help avoiding mistakes and time costs, instead of maximizing the benefits that the game provides. It is worth considering the difference between WoW Vanilla and the usual modern game. All this requires experience and preparation, so players are unlikely to be able to avoid the adaptation period and mistakes that slow down Character’s development. is a company that values the time of their clients, so we won’t waste yours with not proven players. All of our WoW Shadowlands Boosting are with many years of gaming experience and know every detail about the game. The boosters are real professionals and rely only on their knowledge and abilities without using programs or bots.