He knows which way the wind is blowing.

Let's start with the casino. Men bet on women, and women bet on men. A bet may be a beautiful woman saying, who wins, I kiss who, or dance, swim a boat or something. _ What do you think? It's a serious place, not a black place.

Let's start with the casino. Men bet on women, and women bet on men. A bet may be a beautiful woman saying, who wins, I kiss who, or dance, swim a boat or something. _ What do you think? It's a serious place, not a black place. Society . Yes, dear 。 _ Of course, do not rule out the jump tune well, see the right eye, the result of an appointment with a gun = = Jia Ye went to bet on men. Besides, Han Yu, In Han Yu's eyes, Peng Ye is very good to her materially, and keeps a distance from the women around her, but his feelings for her are not deep enough. For Han Yu, Peng Ye's feelings are not deep enough, but it is not a joke and play. At that time, he just liked Han Yu, not to the point of deep love. This has something to do with his character when he was young, and his mind was on fun. He is neither careful nor patient in love. Besides,38 needle valve, now many people fall in love from love to love. Then say Ah Huai. Huai's identity at the beginning decided that the way they got along with each other was like that. He didn't take Ah Huai as a joke. Whether he speaks or behaves, he respects her. I don't know if you have noticed a detail. Jia Ye once asked Ye Ge that when he bumped into a woman standing on the street at the door of the canteen that day, Jia Ye asked him if he had found Ah Huai in this way. Peng Ye said yes. Jia Ye specifically asked, are you looking for Ah Huai? Peng Ye said: Yes. Cheng Jia added, Ah Huai said that she was looking for you. "It's all the same," said Peng Ye. If this is put on the average man, I can say that 99% of men will immediately get rid of it and say that I was drunk and pulled away by her. If she doesn't pull me, I have nothing to do. Of course,38 tube fitting, that's also true. Anyway, he didn't take any woman as a joke. I know you all read the article carefully, but it doesn't work, so come on, fight to the death. Chapter 61. While waiting for the plane in the waiting hall, the two men did not speak much. Cheng Jia was very calm. Peng Ye was a little preoccupied at first, but later he calmed down. On the contrary, Cheng Jia gradually became preoccupied. The plane had to stop in Hong Kong, and the first leg of the journey from Johannesburg to Hong Kong took 13 hours. Peng Ye's ticket had already been booked. Cheng Jia bought it and followed him. He didn't buy first class. After getting on the plane, Cheng Jia lifted the small boarding box and put it in the luggage locker. Peng Ye went up a few steps behind him and took it. His voice was deep and he said, "I'm coming. Don't move." "Just two clothes, very light." Cheng Jia said. After sitting down, someone next to him stuffed up his luggage. Peng Ye looked at him and raised his hand to protect Cheng Jia's head. Cheng Jia looked at him: "affectation." "Don't fall down and hit your head," said Peng Ye calmly. “…… The black brother is stronger than you, and his box is smaller than mine. Peng Ye: "…" The two of them were thinking about their own things, ball valve manufacturer ,brass tube fitting, and there was no other conversation for a long time. Shortly after taking off, the stewardess came to deliver the meal and asked what drink she wanted. Cheng Jia said, "Coffee." Peng Ye stopped him and said, "No, milk." Cheng Jia frowned slightly, feeling that something was wrong with him today, but he also said, "That's milk." Peng Ye asked, "Do you still feel sick?" Cheng Jia: "No." Passed a little while, she discovers he still is looking at her, ask lightly: "How?" Peng Ye said, "Thank you for your hard work." Cheng Jia wants to go to South Africa, really toss about, but: "OK, not hard to say." After sitting for almost seven or eight hours, Cheng Jia had some edema in her legs. She bent down and rubbed her legs. Peng Ye saw it and bent over to knead it for her. Cheng Jia is not used to it. Peng Ye is a person who doesn't like to behave closely in public, and so does she. But the man's hand was so strong that he pinched it sour and soft, so Cheng Jia didn't earn it. Across the corridor sat a father with his daughter. The child had been on the plane for too long. He was tired and tired. He lost his temper and cried. The father held the child in his arms and coaxed him softly. The more the little girl cried, the more sad she became. Her father picked her up and walked up and down the corridor, coaxing her and kissing her tearful cheeks. Cheng Jia watched. Peng Ye also looks. Cheng Jia said, "I was like this when I was a child." The little girl lay on her father's shoulder and dropped the silver beans. Peng Ye smiled slightly: "It's hard to imagine." Cheng Jia said, "My father is also so gentle." Peng Ye remembered something and stopped smiling. Cheng Jia did not notice and looked at the father and daughter for a moment. She thought of her father, and of her mother, and of the rhinoceros and elephant babies in the fields. She thought, pregnancy is prudent, the child is a responsibility, is entrusted. Peng Ye said, "How old were you when your father left?" "More than fourteen years old." Cheng Jia said lightly, "the people in the other car were drinking." Peng Ye knew that the car they had shaken happened to be drunk driving, so he did not step on the brakes when he rushed to Cheng Jia's father's car. It's about time. He loosened her legs and straightened up. Just as he was about to say something, Cheng Jia lowered his seat and said, "I'm sleeping." Peng Ye then said, "Good." For the rest of the trip, he didn't sleep. When we get to Hong Kong, we will transfer to Shanghai soon. To Shanghai, Cheng Jia's symptoms of physical discomfort completely improved, she remembered to ask: "Xining to buy a ticket?" "No." "You were going to stop by when you came back?" Peng Ye looked at her: "Yes." Cheng Jiacheng said, "I have no place to live, so I want you to come to me for one night." Peng Ye went to Cheng Jia's house for the first time. It was clean and cold, overlooking the Oriental Pearl and the Huangpu River. Peng Ye also saw the whole wall full of cameras, he felt like Cheng Jia's eyes. He made a special effort to get a closer look. Cheng Jia looked back and said, "Aren't you afraid?"? People who come to my house are afraid of that. "Then they should be afraid of you," said Peng Ye. "Aren't you afraid of me?" Asked Cheng Jia. Peng Ye smiled faintly, remembering that night when a middle school girl was covered with blood and holding a camera in her arms, her eyes were the same as the camera lens. Peng Ye's heart was pressed by a stone, which was particularly heavy and weak in front of her. He finally turned to look at her, his voice was not loud: "Cheng..." "You go to take a shower first." Cheng Jia said. …… Uh Peng Ye stood in the shower and rubbed his face with cold water. He could not help laughing at himself. When he left Qinghai,needle valve manufacturer, he did not hesitate at the moment. The smell of Cheng Jia's bath lotion permeated all around, green olives, her body fragrance that he had long been familiar with. chinaroke.com