Break the sky

The blush on Qiao's face had not completely faded, and she looked very attractive. Xiao Yu stretched her arms lazily.

The blush on Qiao's face had not completely faded, and she looked very attractive. Xiao Yu stretched her arms lazily. The breasts on her chest, which were not too grand, stood out proudly. She glanced at the young man's back and whispered casually, "It's not certain who will suffer." Looking at the two people who were about to start fighting in the tent, the more than 20 freshmen outside under the scorching sun also cast curious eyes on them. Before choosing to bask in the sun, they had not resisted, but these revolts. Without exception, they were suppressed by force by their seniors who were far more powerful than them, and now that some people want to challenge the authority of these seniors, they are also happy to hold the mentality of schadenfreude. Watch how other people make a fool of themselves. Are you ready, boy? Enjoying the feeling of being noticed very much, the smile on Ge's face became more and more intense, and his narrow eyes swept over Xiao Yan and laughed. Let's get started. Xiao Yan raised his chin, and his flat voice made everyone stupefied. Hey, hey. The boy has a good mentality. For Xiao Yan this attitude, Ge La slightly surprised, immediately on the heart of anger, this can be regarded as discrimination against their own? Gently exhaled, Xiao Yan was too lazy to open his mouth again, staring lazily at the other side's face with a little anger. Very good The calmness of the other side undoubtedly hurt Ge's self-esteem. With a sneer, his body suddenly leaned forward, his right fist clenched, and his fighting spirit condensed,plastic pallet bins, which immediately brought up a burst of energy and hit Xiao Yan's head hard. All the people around him could not help frowning when they saw that Ge La had used such great strength to deal with a new student. Gently raised his eyelids, looking at the rapidly enlarged fist in the pupil of his eyes, Xiao Yan shook his head slightly, and before the fist was about to touch his body, his palm suddenly reached forward and abruptly intercepted the fist of Ge Li. After the palm stopped the fist, it was almost motionless, and the fist, which contained tremendous strength, seemed to send the strength into the abyss without any response. Speed,drum spill pallet, slow! Power, small! Are you really a cadet at Canaan College? Raising his face, Xiao Yan shook his head and whispered. With a slightly sarcastic whisper, the young man made all the people around him suddenly dumb and stunned, staring closely at the junction of fists and palms. It was hard to imagine that a freshman could so easily take over the attack of a one-star fighter. Rob, who was still smiling, looked at this scene, his face was slowly gloomy, and his eyes were cold and staring at the smiling teenager. It seemed that he had made a mistake this time. If he had known earlier, he should have let a person with high strength play. Bastard! Court death Humiliated by a freshman in public, Ge Li blushed, roared, aimed his right foot at Xiao Yan's lower abdomen, and kicked fiercely. Face indifferent, Xiao Yan idle left hand, like swatting mosquitoes in general, ibc spill containment pallet ,plastic pallet suppliers, casually thrown down, and finally with a bang, hit on the bare feet of Ge La, suddenly, a bruise emerged. Hiss. The severe pain from the naked feet made the elder take a breath of cold air, the anger on his face became more crazy, he took a step back, broke away from Xiao Yan's palm, his right foot flicked on the ground, his body rushed into the air by force, and with a sudden spin, a faint blue fighting spirit emerged on his right leg, and an illusory light like a wind blade covered his leg. Finally, he cut down the top of Xiao Yan's head. Shameless, even the "scenery blade" are used out, this is the yellow level of advanced fighting skills, this guy is too shameless! Looking at the blurred light blade on the leg of Ge La, the girls immediately shouted with an angry look on their faces. Looking at the action of Ge La, Xiao Yuliu's eyebrows are also slightly wrinkled, but even if it is stretched out, at the beginning, even if Gallio used Xuanjie fighting skills, was not the same broken arm by Xiao Yan. She didn't believe how much damage this guy could do to Xiao Yan with his one-star strength. Raised his face, slightly sharp wind, so that Xiao Yan face some pain, slowly raised the palm. Aim at the falling Gola. Fuck off Lips move slightly, faint voice, lightly drink out. As the shout fell, a ferocious invisible energy rushed out of Xiao Yan's palm, and finally hit hard on the chest of Ge Li, who was about to fall. Puff! The chest was hit by an inexplicable blow, and the face was cold. Suddenly his face turned white, and in an instant, his body shot out fiercely, and a mouthful of blood spurted out. Boom. After shooting more than ten meters, he hit the hot stone floor heavily. His body twitched slightly, and his face was full of horror. He looked at the young man who kept holding out his palm in the distance. His chest was stuffy, his eyes were black, and finally he fainted. From the strong attack of Ge La to the sudden and inexplicable inverted shot, it was only a short period of more than ten seconds. And looking at this flash of lightning, then the situation of victory and defeat has been divided, inside and outside the tent, almost coincidentally maintained a silence. Under the scorching sun, the freshmen looked foolishly at Gora, who had fainted not far from them, and after a moment, their fiery eyes suddenly shifted to the young man standing in the shadow. It was the first time they had seen a freshman beat a senior, and the freshman looked a little younger than them. Among the freshmen, several pretty girls stared at the young man in a black shirt with a plain face. There were almost stars of worship beating in their eyes. If it weren't for the inappropriate time, I'm afraid they would scream twice to vent their worship. Sure enough. What a gift of terror. Eyes staring at Xiao Yan. Xueni shook her head in amazement, and the latter used facts to prove the truth of what Xiao Yu had said earlier. Jade. Jade. What level is the strength of your family? You look like you've already become a fighter, don't you? Leng Leng looked at the black shirt youth, Xiao Yu beside the girl,collapsible bulk containers, immediately some stammer asked. Joke, can beat a one star fighter easily into this appearance, its strength has been stronger than most people here.