Sex Toys India: The best sex toys for the holidays!

Have an orgasm as soon as you arrive at your vacation spot? Traveling with Sex Toys India can be nerve-wracking, if only because you don't want the airport customs officer to pull the giant dildo out of your suitcase for everyone to see. So, for all anxious travellers: here are the s

Have an orgasm as soon as you arrive at your vacation spot? Traveling with Sex Toys India can be nerve-wracking, if only because you don't want the airport customs officer to pull the giant dildo out of your suitcase for everyone to see. So, for all anxious travellers: here are the smallest, most discreet and most exquisite sex toys for your holidays!
The holidays are just around the corner and that means we're packing out of the attic for the sun, the sea, the beach! And whether it's with yourself, with your partner or with a one-night stand: you can always use a little sex toy, right?
Even though some of us don't necessarily associate vacations with sex, but rather planning activities and itineraries weeks in advance and making endless lists for errands and things to do. bring in their suitcase. Others immediately see sensual opportunities when thinking of those languid vacation days. For sexy travelers, the pleasure of going on a trip is enough to give their libido a boost.

Sex Toys India

What Are Sex ToysCustoms anxiety

But whether you're a stressed traveler or a sexy traveler, checking baggage is stressful for anyone with a sex toy in their suitcase. You've probably heard of women who have experienced the shame of their lives while a customs officer pulls a life-size dildo out of their suitcases or their loud vibrator that suddenly starts buzzing in your bag while you're waiting in line.
But don't worry too much about this toy in your hand luggage and a mocking customs potential. They are very busy and usually have other things on their mind than joking about anal beads in a suitcase. But still, it's always nicer when you go through customs incognito.

decibel beast

There are other reasons to choose inconspicuous toys. What about when you share a room with fellow travellers? And you fancy a session of solo pleasure while everyone is sleeping? So, of course, avoid putting a decibel beast between your legs.
But maybe the reason for having a small sex toy is just a matter of convenience. Because you are traveling light and don't have much space in your backpack, for example. It is then useful to know that there are many toys that take up little space and that you can easily stuff between your legs. From mini vibrators to cock rings to finger toys, they all fit easily in your backpack while you climb Mount Everest or conquer the Peruvian jungle.
Whatever the reason, these compact toys guarantee just as powerful stimulation as the larger models. That's why we've listed the best quiet and quiet toys for you. For even more fun in the sun!

How To Buy Sex Toys In India8 sex toys for the holidays!

Vesper Crave Vibrator

Very practical, because you don't even have to hide it! The Vesper is an elegant and subtle jewel that contains a naughty little secret. Secretly, it's a mini vibrator mounted on a collar, so you can always have it on you. Don't be fooled by the size of this golden jewel. With four powerful vibration modes and intense clitoral stimulation, you're sure to get what you pay for.
And since Vesper is very quiet, it's the perfect toy for spending your holidays abroad. Even if it hangs around your neck, no one will notice. You won't find a model easier to transport!

We-vibe Tango vibrator

This mini vibrator is the most powerful model there is. The vibrations are very intense and can be felt in the deepest parts of your body. The design has been improved for even more targeted stimulation of your clitoris and with eight intensity levels and seven vibration modes, intense orgasm will always be at your fingertips. The tip is multifunctional: the upper part is used for targeted and intense stimulation and the flatter side for vibrations on your entire punani.
Plus, you don't have to worry about your sex toy suddenly running in your bag while you're waiting in line for customs. Not only is the vibrator quiet, but it also has a locking system so it can never turn on in your suitcase or bag. This cherry red beauty is presented in luxurious packaging. A holiday in seventh heaven? Oh yeah !

Lipstick vibrator

Here's another cleverly disguised holiday sex toy! This lipstick-shaped mini vibrator has its place in your make-up bag. Take it with you on a sexy night out on the beach. We will see nothing but fire, because this pink sex toy goes completely unnoticed.
Despite its powerful vibrations, the lipstick vibrator is silent and discreet. This sex toy is therefore ideal for intimate moments in the tent of a crowded campsite. Or when you are in a group around a campfire and want to test the discretion of this toy in a naughty atmosphere. Believe us, no one will notice you putting it under your skirt. Its pointed shape will find its way to your most sensitive places!

That Lily 2

The Lily 2 is a compact, soft-coated vibrator with eight powerful vibration modes and intensity levels. This toy will stimulate all your sensitive points, like your nipples and your clitoris. The particularity of the Lily 2? It is its scent of Bordeaux and chocolate that emanates from the toy. This seductive fragrance creates a romantic atmosphere, while remaining subtle. In the blink of an eye you find yourself enjoying the French vineyards.
This latest version is quieter and more powerful than its predecessors. And thanks to its compact size, you can take it anywhere without attracting attention. Very practical: you can lock your toy to prevent it from vibrating in your bag.

EasyToys Mini Wand Vibrator

With this purple sex toy you are ready for sexy evenings in the bedroom. But why use it in the bed and not innovate during the holidays? This mini Wand vibrator is completely waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the shower.
Better yet, you can take it with you on your aquatic adventures! In the shower, in the bath or even in the pool, if you're feeling naughty. Are you staying in a chalet or at a campsite by the sea? How about diving into the salty sea and letting yourself be lulled by the waves? And the vibrations of your little sex toy? Sex On The Beach? Yes, please!

Satisfyer Pro Traveler

As the name suggests, the legendary Satisfyer has released a practical and discreet travel version. The model is very compact and comes with a smart cap, no one will be able to see what you actually have in your suitcase.
This clitoral stimulator is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is quiet. In fact, it's so quiet you can even use it while commuting. Sneak into the bathroom of a plane or a train, for example. The cap is so discreet that your sex toy doesn't even stand out when you're rummaging through your purse. Very small and discreet, but just as powerful as the Pro 2!

Nipple clamps

Are you up for a naughty game in the bedroom? The pinching sensations of these nipple clamps will have you ready for a Fifty Shades of Gray experience… on vacation!
These silver colored nipple clamps are attached to a metal chain, allowing you to discreetly hide them in your jewelry box when traveling. The pliers are adjustable and have soft tips for optimal comfort. Their tips also ensure that the pliers always stay firmly in place. The most daring can even wear them on the bus, train or plane. Try to hold back your moans of pleasure, at the risk of giving yourself away!

Love vibrating rabbit cock ring

Whether you go to a hotel, lodge or hostel, with this vibrating cock ring, you and your partner will leave satisfied! This toy stimulates both the clitoris and the penis in a powerful way. The vibrating bunny ears vibrate all clitoris and the flexible and stretchable ring guarantees a longer and harder erection. The push buttons allow you to choose from twenty intensities and vibration modes.
This penis ring is ideal to take on vacation, because in addition to its compact size, it also has a locking system. Don't worry about handbags suddenly vibrating. This Sensation collection is sensational!
Last tip: be sure to bring your lubricant in a bottle of less than 100 ml… this will save you many embarrassing situations at airport customs. Good holidays!