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Tidyboy is a German brand that makes Furnitures Check out their beautiful collection of Kleiderständer, Garderobenständer, and Stummer Diener. Visit TidyBoy to see a more beautiful collection of different types of Furniture for your beautiful homes.

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We also manufacture Stummer Diener, Garderobenständer, and both the item are 100% handmade just like our other products. Kleiderständer is one of the most useful things you ever bought because you can use it in numerous ways, it is also good for laundry Company's where you can easily hang multiple clothes including heavy coats on it.
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Fundamentally, Tidyboy was conceived on the grounds that I needed furniture that I could hang half-worn garments on. I need the Tidyboys to have the option to fit an assortment of garments yet have a smooth and present-day look.

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