Top Tip: Easily Moving a Heavy Love Doll

Top Tip: Easily Moving a Heavy Love Doll

   If you're looking to take your love every time you can so you should be able to get the doll from room room effortlessly. To accomplish this, put your loved one down on a desk chair and then push her into the room that is suitable for her. This way, you'll do the heavy lifting yourself.


Tips: If you are looking for real-feeling, authentic-looking sexually explicit doll, but wish to stay away from heavy lifting Be aware of the size of your sweetheart. The ladies we have on our site are just approx. 1.40 meters tall. And they're usually smaller.


Storing Heavy Silicone or TPE Sex Dolls Properly


If you are planning to store your TPE or silicone dolls in a proper manner be sure to keep in mind their weight. Therefore, you shouldn't place them on shelves in your closet unless it is able to bear the weight.


Do not put your precious doll on the edge of your room even if she is equipped with the feature to stand. She might fall and the head might be damaged and break off.


To handle the load of your TPE doll or silicone mini sex doll in storage, we suggest that you place her in a clean cotton mattress in your bedroom. Every now and again it is recommended to put the arms and legs of your TPE or silicone doll in different positions to ensure that there are no wrinkles like in the curves of her arms and feet.


If you'd like to store your cheap sex dolls in a more private manner then you can purchase an exclusive storage box made specifically for a doll. It resembles an elegant bench, but typically, it is covered with padding on the inside.


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Alternatives to a Heavy Love Doll


If you're unaccustomed to handling a teen sex doll, there are less hefty, but not less authentic, half body and torso variations. They weigh around 1-13 kilograms and are easy to work with and clean.


The half bodies and love torsos are not just easier to manage as well as less expensive than the love doll. They're also made of TPE or silicone, and are available in forms, designs, and colors for the skin.