Common Mistakes You Make That Can Damage Your Silicone Sex Doll

 Common Mistakes You Make That Can Damage Your Silicone Sex Doll



Silicone sexual dolls are popular nowadays. As technology advances the number of companies creating real-life love dolls to satisfy your sexual cravings. The great thing about silicone dolls is that you are able to almost any sex posture and anytime to please you.


Additionally, you can select the latest model based on your preferences. You can, for instance, select a sex model that is based on the body type size, breast size, body colour or the shape of your body. Investing in a sex doll is like the world's most pleasurable choose-your-own-adventure journey. If you're looking to enjoy your silicone beauty for a long time, you should treat the doll with attention to detail.


Here are some errors that could harm your doll's sexuality:


#1 You Wash Sex Dolls With Harsh Products


Cleanliness and proper storage of silicone sex dolls is crucial to ensure their use for a long period of time. When you wash your sex doll, be sure that you do not use hot water or harsh substances to her body. Chemical shampoos or soaps to clean your doll could cause damage to the skin of her with silicone or TPE. This is due to the chemicals present in these products penetrate deeply through the skin dolls that are sexy and can cause damage to the skin.


#2 You Don't Use The Right Lube


Sometimes, you have to use the lube in order to have sexual sex with your flat chest sex doll. However using the wrong type of product can cause skin to fade or cause irreparable harm to the sex doll in the course of time. Use water-based lubes on silicone sex dolls , instead of lube based on gel. Try to not use lube on a regular basis since it's suitable for the skin of your beloved doll.


#3 Immerse The BBW Sex Doll In Warm Water


Wet sex dolls may get damaged and torn. This is why it is important to not place the doll into water particularly with warm water. If you are looking to clean your love doll make use of a gentle cloth and wash her using lukewarm water only. Don't offer her a bath every day, but at least once or twice per month is sufficient.


#4 Rough Sex Is Fun, But It Can Damage A Teen Sex Doll


It's true that you can put the mini sex doll made of silicone in any way, but doing sex with a rougher texture every day may cause harm to her. Be sure to treat her with care every time you use the sex doll in order to satisfy your requirements. Touch her and kiss her in the same way like you would with the real lady in the real world.