What is the sex doll's foot stand's function?

What is the sex doll's foot stand's function?



Sex doll with the vs. with no stand purpose


When purchasing your sexy doll, you have the option of whether you would like your sex doll to be able to stand or not. The right choice for you will depend on the purpose you intend to make use of your silicone or TPE doll for. This article will help you understand what the different types of feet represent to you and you can decide the right option for you.


Sex doll that has standing function.


A sex-doll with an upright function includes three screw heads made of metal located in the slightly protruding foot that runs along the bottom of the feet. They are used to absorb weight and shield the feet from injury. However, they come with a host of flaws: It's ugly and unreal. And the three screw heads made of metal protruding through shoes and socks.


Feet that do not have screw heads


That's the reason ALdoll came up with no screw Feet designed for Silicone Sex Doll, and her feet look stunning that they could easily accommodate real shoes such as the high-heeled and fashion stockings. Additionally, you don't need to be concerned over them breaking. It's one of the best foot-fetish sexual dolls.


You can then put them down with ease. But the feet will not ensure that your sex doll is able to stand up. The sex dolls we have do not have the ability to balance, so you must balance them by yourself or with objects. Be sure to stand up securely and firmly, as if the doll falls over, it may be damaged.


If you're looking to buy the sex doll with an upright model the inner steel skeleton that makes up the sex doll is set slightly larger. This ensures that the weight on the doll evenly spread, and that it doesn't change its position in a way that is not intended. Your flexibility is not a limitation the doll, it's one step more difficult to move.


If you'd like to have to have your Love Doll to be able to stand, just choose"Standing Function" from the "Standing function" option in our configurator.


Sex Doll with no stand function


A cheap sex doll that does not have a standing function is completely natural, soft feet with no any metal plates in the soles.


But, if you place your sex doll's feet and do not have a stand the plate made of metal on the ankle could drill into the feet of each other and harm the mini sex doll. We believe that the stand function is very beneficial to avoid damage and allow you more use from this anime sex doll.


Do you want a sex doll bar stand? You can select this option using our configurator. This way, your silicone doll will not be sporting any metal pins added to the sole of her foot.