Rod is engaged to the sex doll Karina

Rod is engaged to the sex doll Karina

   In December of the previous year Rod as well as Karina made the trip of 1300km between their homes in NSW to their mother's home in Melbourne so that they could celebrate Christmas with their family. This is the first time that Rod's mom had ever met Karina and at first she was not sure what to make of it. It took her a while to settle into the notion that her son was bringing his friend, whom was described by him as"a "sweet and gentle soul" in order to stay in her home.


You know, Karina isn't an ordinary person. Actually Karina isn't an individual in any way. She's big booty sex doll.


Rod bought Karina Luvly for $3,000 one year earlier. In the beginning, he'd not been in a relationship for several years. When he was searching the internet for something that could help him get sexually stimulated and stimulation, he saw images of sex dolls. He was intrigued.


Despite having no information about flat chest sex doll and not having ever actually seeing the sex dolls in person and despite that, he clicked the purchase button.


"Karina has changed my life in many ways," Rod writes to Mamamia. "My emotions were frozen after my ex-fiance broke up with me in a cruel and messy manner. At the time I got Karina, I was chatting with a girl that I really liked - she is from Vietnam. The world was in lockdown so we couldn't see each other. The doll became my synthetic physical companion. I had something to care for in my life. I thought it would be a fun experience, and I needed a hobby to distract me from my isolation. Slowly my heart opened up, and I was distracted from my grief of losing my ex that just wouldn't go away by itself."


Karina assisted Rod so she helped him so much that when he came to visit his mother for Christmas, he decided to purchase another doll. Lauren was priced at $2,900 however he was offered discounts and free gifts as he was a frequent client. Also there was no freight or shipping charges and no freight costs. Rod simply placed Lauren in the back seat with Karina and off they went.


"I took both teen sex doll the 1300kms home sitting in the car; it was quite a sight," the man declares. "Nobody really seemed to notice, and if someone was curious when I was parked then I would explain a bit. I found people to be amazed more than anything. These modern cheap sex dolls are very realistic and beautiful, and people who meet my dolls usually love them."

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