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   Japanese mini sex doll have become more sophisticated with time and lots of Japanese men have gone out of their ways to indulge their beloved dolls and get maximum pleasure from their silicone counterparts. The relationship between Japanese with their sexual dolls can blur the lines between reality and fantasies. Certain people have formed such an intimate connection between their sexual dolls, that they even sending actual affections towards their flat chest sex doll, and treating them like real girls rather than as sexual toys.


  It's also the case that technology of teen sex doll in Japan is very sophisticated and has reached an entirely new level in its development. The Japanese market has now got the most expensive and realistic silicone sex dolls some of which can cost up to 10,000 dollars and look exactly like an actual woman.


Despite the exterior appearance of conservatism Japan has a tolerant and sometimes gay sexual culture. We've all heard of geishas, love bars, and the other bizarre sexual inventions that Japanese have invented to satisfy their sexual desires. However, these sex dolls stand out as a different breed. What is the reason? What is the reason they are so well-known in Japan?


Big City Living in Tokyo


    Japan is an urbanized and ultra-modernized country. 70% of the people reside in Tokyo. The Japanese are recognized for their strong attitude to work and their reserved style. The most famous is the Japanese salaryman who's entire life is dedicated to the business and has no avenues to an outlet in large cities like Tokyo as well as Osaka. They rely on frivolous pleasures, which are often a bit odd to fill the gap that is left by the absence of intimacy. More and more, Japanese professional men are opting to live a solitary lifestyle and are not embracing the marriage life. As time has passed roles have evolved as the typical Japanese domestic worker who assists her husband on the ladder of success is now climbing the career ladder by herself while avoiding traditional male roles. The pressures of urban life are pushing many Japanese males to try new and unique methods of intimacy like silicone sexual dolls. In the past hotel rooms for lovers would be home to many who were in love with. Nowadays, cheap sex dolls are playing the role of a love hotel and allowing Japanese males to experience pleasurable moments with love dolls made of silicone that are increasingly akin to humans.