When Brevik and his colleagues started creating the pitches

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The highly influential action-RPG by Blizzard World of Warcraft that first brought about the idea of defining rarity or value with distinct colours. David Brevik, a senior designer for the game, said to P2Pah that he began developing the concept that would ultimately become World of Warcraft as a huge fan of role-playing games in the mid- to late-'80s. He derived the name from a mountain that was in his hometown. "I did not know anything about Spanish that time or anything. I just thought it was a cool name," he said, smiling.

When Brevik and his colleagues started creating the pitches for the game in the early 1990s however the tide had changed. Stakeholders in the industry had no longer seen the slow, narrative-heavy style of computer buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold RPGs as viable commercially compared with the exhilarating thrills offered by action games such as Doom and Doom, and many of the largest publishers of gaming decided to not play the game. Stung by this rejection, Brevik and his fellow developers decided to go back to what they viewed as the roots of the genre and created an easier, more modern version of the earlier randomly-generated Rogue-flavored games that Brevik was a child playing. The games included the Tolkien flavored Moria and its close cousin Angband as well as this latter title that first introduced Brevik the idea of the use of certain colors to communicate an item's value to players.