How to Hide Your Sex Doll

How to Hide Your Sex Doll;sex doll blog

Many owners of sex toys aren't interested in letting anyone be aware that they have an sex doll in their bedrooms. Our society is prone to make things that people do not know into taboo and, unfortunately the sex dolls are a part of them.


These stereotypes don't mean that sexually anime sex dolls aren't wrong or strange or even weird. People are simply not familiar with them and don't understand how to handle them. In this article we'll show you how to shield your doll from public view in the house.


Under the Bed


The most popular place where sex dolls hide is underneath the bed. It's a safe space, and very few will search for items beneath the bed like they would in closets. You can put your doll in a suitable container or case by wrapping it in cotton-muslin bag. Naturally, you could place other cases or other things under your bed in order to confuse the people who might be looking at your bed.


Sex Doll Flight Case


Flight cases are the most ideal storage solution for your flat chest sex doll. In the end, the makers are experts on how to store sex toys without causing damage or defects. This can shield your doll against dust, excessive sunlight, excessive humidity and other elements that could cause harm to it. Simply place your doll's flight case and then store it in a safe manner.


In Your Closet


With the help of cheap sex dolls hangers which allow you to hang your doll in an up straight and not be in contact to any surface. It is best to have a space that is hidden like your closet. It is possible to put locks on the doors to the closet so that no one will ever find out what's in it!


Check that your closet rod is capable of handling all the load of the doll. The majority of full-size dolls, even without heads, weigh more than 25-51kg. Remember that the head has to be removed to allow for the suspension of the body.


Sex Doll Shipping Box


Sex dolls arrive in a large and discreet box which can serve as a storage container. It is necessary to wrap the doll in a white soft blanket (white-colored blankets will not cause staining to the doll) and then place it inside the box. Typically, you can place the box on either the mattress or inside the cupboard. Make sure to add additional storage boxes beside it in order to make it difficult for anyone who is who is rummaging through your possessions.


Locked Travel / ATA Case


If you're unable to put your mini sex doll within a wardrobe, then Travel/ATA cases are among the best options to conceal your japanese sex doll. They have handles, wheels and the most important thing the lock!


A spare room


Put a lock on the door and any unlocked room(utility area or basement) can serve as a storage space. It is unlikely that anyone would be able to tell that you've hidden a beautiful size sex doll inside an utility space or in the basement. It's still a major task to move the whole box from room to the room without anyone knowing or even noticing.