How to Measure Bra Size of a Sex Doll

How to Measure Bra Size of a Sex Doll

    Are you eager to purchase sexually sexy clothing for your next cheap sex dolls? Keep on. Because of the uniqueness of the materials used in the creation of sexually explicit dolls, you need to be extra cautious when selecting a the size of your doll's bra as it could be too small or too tight , causing irritation to the skin on the teen sex doll. To find the correct amount of bra size for the japanese sex dolls you'll need to measure. It's only a couple of minutes So let's begin.


How to Measure Bra Size in 3 Steps


Step 1: Band Size


The tape measure should be wrapped horizontally and tightly underneath the breast of your favorite doll. The measurement you get is the width of the band of your doll. If you get an odd number, e.g. 31, you can round it down to the closest even number and the right size could be between 30 and 32.


Step 2: Bust Size


Place the measuring tape on the largest part of your doll's chest. Make sure that the measuring tape is is firm against the skin of your doll and is parallel to the ground. This is the size of the cup for your beloved doll.


Step 3: Calculate Cup Size


Subtract the size of the band from the measurement of the bust to determine the correct cup size.


Size of the cup = bust Size of the band


Use this chart of the size of cups to determine your mini sex doll's cup size.