How to Prevent Sex Dolls being dyed

How to Prevent Sex Dolls being dyed;sex doll news



  1. Wear Old Clothes


It is the physical diffusion which involves the release of color particles. The majority of old clothes have been washed numerous times but the dye is visible.


If you are a fan of sleeping alongside your sex dolls, we suggest picking light or very old bedding as well as duvet covers and pajamas.


  1. Good Quality Clothes


The colour of premium clothes generally doesn't fade. For clothes that aren't expensive you should wash them several times using dish soap prior to putting them on the doll.


  1. Do not wear dark clothes directly on the skin of the mini sex doll.


We strongly suggest wearing light-colored clothing beneath the doll's clothing when dressing it in dark or bright shades. This will reduce the likelihood of the doll getting dyed.


  1. Shorten Contact Time


Do not leave your bbw sex doll wearing dark clothing for prolonged periods of time may result in staining. It is recommended to change your clothes in danger of staining promptly after shooting your doll in order to minimize the time spent in contact.


  1. Avoid Tight Clothing


Do not store cheap sex dolls with tights. The tights could cause marks on your beloved doll's skin, or cause staining to increase. If you're a fan of tight clothing Try to reduce the amount of time that your doll is wearing dark clothes.