Care for your beloved doll following the shower!

Care for your beloved doll following the shower!

    After bathing with your beloved doll, wash off the water off your love doll with a towel thoroughly. However it is recommended to rub the doll vigorously on a towel, it could cause skin damage and cause irritation, therefore it is recommended to clean the water by pressing the towel rather than rub. If the water isn't removed, it can result in the growth of mold within the doll. Do not imagine the possibility of mold growing on your beloved sex doll!


Additionally to that, your nails doll's lover could be caught in the towel and then fall off. Please keep this in mind. If your nails are falling off, you can clean off the oil-based stains from the adhesive's surface using your fingers, then fix the nails using the rubber adhesive. After drying thoroughly the water then apply baby powder to the body of the mini sex doll.


When a sexy dol takes a bath and shower, your skin will be in the process of depleting its oil and highly prone to friction. If you're not skilled at this the skin and clothing could rub against one another and become scratched as the time comes to put on clothing. Baby powder is capable of reducing friction, therefore ensure you apply it.


Find a bbw sex doll that can bathe with an "aldoll"!


As I mentioned, a variety of precautions must be taken while taking a bath with your sex dolls. No whatever you do to take a bath, having a bath with your favorite doll is a great time. If you're looking to bathe with your beloved doll frequently you might want to pick a lover doll that is simple to carry and is of a shorter size. The taller lover doll is extremely heavy and if you grab it and hurt your back. Therefore, you should think about the shorter and lightweight lover doll is ideal to bathe together. Let's go for a swim together.