When dressing a sexy doll, take your time

When dressing a sexy doll, take your time

   There are many ways to dress your anime sex doll. To prevent the doll's body from sticking, apply talcum powder on the doll before dressing it. This will make dressing easier and more fluid. To prevent Clothes from static, you can spray some antistatic agent. Dressing properly requires that you bend your limbs within a reasonable range to avoid damaging the silicone.


   Pay attention to buttons and zippers, which could cause damage to your mini sex doll. Some garments are not suitable for cheap sex dolls. Tight trousers or jeans can cause problems and take a lot of work. It is best to pick loose pants, tops and skirts that your love can slip into.


    You should place your sexy doll on a flat surface and allow her to stretch her legs and arms. This is done by placing the clothing over your doll's head and arms, and then pulling it down. It is easy to slip on a strapless dress for your sex doll.


If the skirt is long, pull it up over your beloved doll's legs. After that, lay your loved one on her back, with her legs extended. Then pull her skirt down.


ALDOLL was created because of the core value of "beauty". We have our own perseverance and vision in the pursuit of beauty. We hope our careers can inspire others to see beauty, feel beauty and create beauty.


Just out of the factory, sex toys can be dressed up with our personalities to give them a variety of personalities. This allows us to have more fun and satisfaction with our teen sex doll.