The process of cleaning the wig is simple. You'll need the following:


Mild Shampoo


Mild Conditioner




The doll's wig is removed and thoroughly wash it with conditioner and shampoo. After washing the wig thoroughly, let it dry naturally. It is possible to buy the wig stand in order to ease the process and make the process faster.


After the wig has dried Use the comb to gently comb the hair, starting at the bottom and progressing towards the upper. This will keep it from breaking knots, and will remove hair from the hair.


Cleaning the dolls' clothes


It is crucial to ensure that the clothes that you put on your doll's body will not transfer the color onto the doll. Skins for sex dolls of both types silicone and TPE can be able to absorb any color of clothing if they've not been thoroughly cleaned prior to use to dress the doll. The skin made of TPE, particularly is extremely porous and may leave stains.


To clean the clothes employ the normal washing process however, make sure that the garment is dry before placing it on the doll.


This is the case for any item that comes into direct contact with the doll, if it has ink or something that may cause discoloration to the skin. Avoid contact.


Where do I store my teen sex doll?


There are a variety of options available for storing the mini sex doll.


Sex Doll storage box


Cupboard hanging


Original shipping box


Storage bag


Each of these options will ensure that your doll is in good shape. Like we mentioned above make sure that your doll isn't directly in contact with any materials or inks that might transfer color to the doll.


Make sure that you don't expose the doll to sunlight for long periods as it can affect the TPE or silicone skin.


If you have additional concerns regarding caring for your Japanese sex doll, please contact one of our staff members and we'll be glad to assist you.