What Is Snapchat Score And How Does It Work?

If you are new to Snapchat then you must be wondering what is a snap score and how it operates. Well, then read this blog.

If you are new to Snapchat then you must be wondering what is a snap score and how it operates. Well, let us tell you that a snap score is a score that is determined by Snapchat taking into consideration some things. 

  • The things which are taken into consideration are mentioned below – 
  • The number of snaps that you send as well as receive  
  • The number of stories you post on Snapchat 
  • The time you spend on the platform 

How Does Snap Score work on Snapchat 

If you are thinking about how snap scores work then here’s the answer for you. Snap score is basically a number that is decided by the time you spend on the platform and the activities you take part in on the platform. 

Even though the snap score is not something through which you can earn something yet, people love to keep their scores updated and increasing. 

How To Increase Snap Score on Snapchat 

If you want to increase the snap score of your Snapchat account then you have to do the things which we have mentioned below for you. 

  1. You must add more and more friends on the platform so that you can snap more. 
  2. You should send and receive snaps daily and create streaks that can increase the snap score for you. 
  3. You should add stories to your account as well as watch the stories of your friends which will help you in increasing your score. 
  4. You should try to spend more time on the platform, you can find out more filters from the ‘discover’ section. 
  5. You can also play snappable games with your friends on Snapchat and make your score go up. 

You can find your snap score under your snap code when you will press on the bitmoji or the Snapchat profile on your device. 

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