How to store love dolls

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A great way to store your sex doll is to keep Sex Doll free and free from any pressure to prevent it from deforming. Provide a shelf that can take its weight, or set up special hooks. Apply a load at one point on the hook and it can be stored without putting a load on the Sex Doll.

Generally speaking, when we no longer need the company of Sex Doll for some time, then we'd better store it. If you are afraid that your family will find it, you can store it under the bed or in the sofa hole. You can also store them in a special Sex Doll case, which is what most people use.

When you first receive a Sex Doll, don't throw it all away, the box is the best storage, you can keep the box, you will use it when you store it, and you find it very practical, it is the storage of Sex Doll Doll's best tool.

As time goes on and technology improves, there will be better ways to protect TPE sex dolls. For now, all we can do is recommend that you place it on your bed or sofa and let it live like your partner in your home.

Piper Doll and doll-forever

doll house 168 are brands of the same company, and their products are of high quality. Piper sex dolls for sale! Piper Sex Dolls is the best quality doll brand in the world. The exclusive technology allows the head to be seamlessly attached to the body. No other brands can do a better job. The perfectionists love the permanently installed head of Piper sex doll.

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Doll-forever 92cm Female with Arm Torso Sex Doll Cathy

Cathy is a 92cm torso with the Arm of a doll forever. Compared with a high quality sex dolls, she is lighter and easier to use. You can pick her up effortlessly. Cathy is made of TPE material, very soft, weighing 25kg, she has a beautiful head, soft breasts and beautiful labia just like a full-body doll. Everything about her is to please you.