Adoptive father Shui Qiancheng

This teacher Zhao is a woman of the same age as Jingming,

This teacher Zhao is a woman of the same age as Jingming, and like Jingming, it seems that the years have forgotten the portrayal of her. At the age of thirty, she still looks like twenty-five or twenty-six years old. She is young and beautiful, dignified and elegant. However, her marriage was also unfortunate. She never married again after her divorce. She devoted all her energy to teaching and never planned to marry again. Jing Ming withdrew his eyes and fell on the clean wrist in his hand. He smiled helplessly. It seemed that he was really hungry. The food is so clean. Although tomorrow is Monday, Jingming has already asked her for leave, so she didn't care what time she slept in the morning. Go to sleep and let the sad things disappear in your dreams. Wake up later and let the sadness dissipate a little more. But the strange thing is, her never came out. No, Jingming had to go up. She can't go hungry, can she?! "Jade, are you up?" See her a confused looking at the ceiling, do not know what she is melancholy. Sitting beside her, he stroked her disheveled hair, but he didn't notice that her little body trembled slightly. "Get up and have some breakfast," said Jing Ming with a friendly smile! No matter what, the body is the most important thing! "Well!" Her some unnaturally get up from the bed, always restrain their eyes not to look at him. As soon as she saw him, she immediately saw the small and heartbreaking certificate. Her,faux ficus tree, no matter what happens, smile to face is the truth, this you know when you are very young; now is the same, no matter what happens, face it bravely? Jing Ming saw that she was like this when she got up early in the morning, and looked at her with some heartache, trying to encourage her and let her summon up the courage to face what she had encountered. Is it really possible? Her didn't look at him. He just lowered his head and muttered to himself. Yes,fake blossom tree, of course. As long as her wants, there is nothing that can't be done! If it doesn't work, Dad will share it with you! Although her is just talking to herself, but sitting so close, how can Jingming not hear it?! However, to this matter unknown so he, how can understand the jade son said the matter words is what meaning! Her plucked up the courage to look at him, but it was only a glance. Catching a glimpse of his gentle and kind smile, I was a little flustered again! "I want to eat!" There is no smile on her face. After all, I don't know if I should laugh now. OK! Dad's waiting for you down there. Change your clothes and come down for dinner! Jing Ming smiled and touched her hair. I'm really confused. Her biological parents of their own did not care about this issue, and even did not think much; after all, she already knew the results, and, faux grass wall ,fake ficus tree, her to them never get along with how much time, since the memory, see is Jing Ming that kind and gentle smiling face, the heart is filled with him; Naturally, she didn't have much affection for them, but it was a little painful to think of them. After all, they were her own parents, and now they had left her. And God had given her a father who had been attached to her for more than ten years. But it is precisely because of this, her just more confused. I have a different feeling for my father since I was a child. I hope my father can treat me as a girl instead of a daughter. But one day, this once impossible idea suddenly becomes possible. How can she accept it. How to maintain this relationship now? Family love? Or something else? Chapter 31 back to the park. Such a change for a time let her is hard to accept, how she wished she hadn't opened the wardrobe that day; how she wished she had been sleeping late that day until he came back. But Everything has already happened. Happened irrevocably. She tried not to think about the paper, but she couldn't get it out of her mind. Jade, dad will take you out to get some air later?! How's it going? The weather is so good today. What a waste of time staying at home! After breakfast, Jing Ming did not let her go upstairs, but sat on the sofa with her, as usual, leaning on the sofa to rest. It's just that her didn't lean on him. "Well!" Her gently nodded, really want to go out to breathe. Because I asked for leave with my teacher, I didn't care whether I was resting at home or not. Driving with a clear purpose. Jade, do you remember when you were a child? You often come to this park to play! At the beginning, you are a little naughty, but you like running around here very much! Jing Ming smiled in the rearview mirror at her sitting in the back seat. Thinking of her lovely appearance when she was a child, my heart was filled with a taste of happiness. In the memory, everything is so beautiful. I haven't been here for a long time! Her voice seemed to be talking to herself, lowering her head so that he could not see what he looked like in the rearview mirror. Maybe he didn't want to see him in the rearview mirror. But even if her voice is very light, but this car is so big, Jing Ming's mind is on her body, how can not hear it?! But he smiled and said, "Yes, I haven't been here for a long time." I haven't been here since she grew up, and I don't know when the last time I came here was. But it must have been a long time ago. Jing Ming took her hand, along the already strange and familiar road, while walking, while silently looking at the roadside scenery. Although she wanted to earn his big hand, she finally gave up and let him hold her hand. Follow him, a little behind, and you can see him, but he can't see behind you. Jade, do you remember? You picked up the cat in this park! Jing Ming seemed to fall into the deep memories, with a stronger smile on her face, more amiable and more gentle. Looking at the scenery in front of her, she seemed to be telling herself about what happened in those years: "I remember that my father brought you here to study that day. Hehe ~ ~ You like to point to the grass,silk olive tree, flowers and trees here and ask me to teach you Pinyin.". You have to run around to learn Pinyin. I almost didn't spank you at that time! But it seems to work well, oh, my baby _ Section Reading _ 15.