It's all the fault of being garrulous.

I don't know who said something at the dinner table, and the topic turned back to Zhou Lu,

I don't know who said something at the dinner table, and the topic turned back to Zhou Lu, who took the opportunity to speak with fervor and assurance, but in my opinion, half of his words were exaggerated. But I can't tear my face to expose him and make a jealous look, so I have to turn a deaf ear to him and think he is farting. I poured myself a glass of wine and thought while drinking that if I were really Yin Lan's boyfriend, I'm afraid I wouldn't be as detached and unrestrained as I am now. Maybe I would have seen Zhou earlier. The road is not pleasing to the eye, start fighting on the spot, but in my opinion, this boy really needs to be beaten, fortunately, I am a pacifist, listen to Chairman Mao's "Do you want to fight?" The education of "fighting" is needed, otherwise a revolution must be set off here. I squint at Yin Lan, although her face is calm, but the eyes have been red, obviously still thinking about Zhou Lu, the remaining feelings, I feel pity for her. Besides, I can't help being slightly angry, thinking that poor people must have something to be angry about, and you won't cheer up a little, cooperate with me a little, play with me, and let me do this. "Boyfriend" also has a little face, you ignore me now, can't let me talk to myself? I felt left out, so I didn't care if I should speak for Yin Lan. When he was angry, he exploded at the dishes on the table and ate and chewed on his own. Unexpectedly, Zhou Lu took the initiative to ask me while dealing with the crowd: "Are you and Yin Lan classmates?" I felt very uncomfortable with the tone of his condescending inquiry, and I was prepared to ignore it,Edible oil filling machine, but I felt that it was undignified, so I replied lukewarm. : "Couples, to be exact." Zhou Lu is stupefied, oh, ask then: "What major do you learn?" "What's your major?" I asked. Zhou Lu has a proud face: "International economy and trade." I sneered in my heart. You can show off this broken major. Everyone knows this major. That is, the name sounds a little grand. After graduation, few of them can get into the world. At most, they are the third world countries in Africa. Zhou Lu didn't get the reaction he deserved from me. He seemed a little disappointed and had to continue to ask me what my major was. I wanted to answer truthfully, but the words were on my lips. Then he changed his words: "World Oil Company Management." I want to play a trick on him. Since you say such a grand major, I will say a bigger one to scare you to death. As soon as I spoke, Yin Lan whispered "ah," apparently listening to our conversation just now, and seeing Zhou Lu's inquiring eyes, Yin Lan hurriedly said that it was nothing. I just choked. Zhou Lu is doubtful, probably not sure whether there is such a professional, liquid bottle filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, want to ask sitting opposite Gao Dong, did not expect that guy wine. In the middle of it, he was in high spirits with others and had no time to attend to him for a while. Zhou Lu did not give up and continued to ask me, "Where are you from?" This sentence asked politely, I can not appear to have no grace, honest answer: "Xi'an!" " Zhou Lu said, "Oh, I thought you were from Beijing when I heard your accent." I rely on, professional spell but start to spell registered permanent residence, do you want to engage in regional discrimination? Before I could speak, Zhou Lu spoke in a tone of concern for me: "Here." Are you used to going to school? In particular, the tone of the word "go to school" was emphasized, which seemed to remind me that I was just a foreigner. I smiled and said: "Not bad, except for the climate and the old traffic jam on the road, everything else can be adapted." Zhou Lu didn't expect me to answer like this: "We have a good climate in Beijing." "There is no autumn, and it goes straight to winter after summer." This is Chen Chen summed up, said this sentence I thought of Chen Chen, did not say any more. Next, several girls studying in Beijing talked about the incident of a girl jumping from a building in a university in Beijing a while ago, which caused a lot of hubbub. I once heard Laoliu talking about it when I was lying in bed. I heard the girls chattering as if they were saying that the woman had committed suicide for love, and then they attacked the man for being modern. Chen Shimei, I also echoed, but I was pointing at mulberry and scolding Huai, pointing to Zhou Lu by innuendo, hearing Zhou Lu's face blue and white, until the end of the dinner. Didn't say a word to me. I lay on the sofa cranky, and think of Yin Lan just drunk at the dinner table, I can not help but look at her, found her face still. Tears, but has fallen asleep in the past. I thought to myself, what happened tonight was really bizarre. First, I pretended to be someone else's boyfriend, and then I was in the same room with Yin Lan, a lonely man and widow. If it got out, Words, but my reputation is not guaranteed, but fortunately, although I am not a gentleman, but also did not take advantage of the danger, in the face of a living beauty, unexpectedly also did not have the slightest evil thoughts. It is also a modern version of Liu Xia Huilu man, which is a highlight of my life. If I want someone to write a biography for me in the future, I must write it in. So I thought about it for a while, and I finally fell asleep in a daze because of the sleepiness. When I woke up the next day, I found a quilt on my body. I looked at the bed and found that Yin Lan was no longer there. I looked at the table again, her bag. Also not in, it seems that Yin Lan has gone, and I actually have no feeling. I'm a little upset about her leaving without saying goodbye. At least I served you for most of the night yesterday. You didn't take me seriously and left without saying a word about the scene. I comforted myself that she might not have the heart to disturb me because I was sleeping soundly. I smiled at myself and took out my cell phone from my pocket to see the time. Looking at the screen, I remembered that my cell phone was out of power yesterday. I stood up and went into the bathroom to wash. As soon as I lowered my head, I found a piece of paper on the washstand. I picked it up and looked at it. It said: Sun Yang: Can you do this? I'm really happy to help you. It's really lucky to have a friend like you. You always bring laughter to others and make others forget their worries,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but I still can't forget him. But thank you so much for yesterday. Thank you! There was no signature in the back, but I knew at a glance that it was left by Yin Lan. I read these words twice, then kneaded them into a ball and threw them into the corner.