The game of finding love

Zhang Shuo felt himself suddenly awake, face, hair, sheets are water,

Zhang Shuo felt himself suddenly awake, face, hair, sheets are water, think of the body, only to find that the whole body can not move up and down. A voice said, "Save your strength. You can't break the rope." Startled, Zhang Shuo looked up and made a pair of men and women on the chair in front of him. The woman had long curly hair hanging over her shoulders, her face was as thin as white porcelain, and her eyes were moving smartly. She blinked at him. A man sitting next to him threw the basin aside and said, "Sleep comfortably?" He was fooling around, shaking his legs and behaving like a hooligan. "Who are you?" Shocked Zhang Shuo. The man said, "I also want to ask who you are."? Why did you abduct my wife here? Thanks to me, I came in time. If you want to come late, you are strong. Rapist 。” Zhang Shuo understood, he was trapped, "you ***ing Yin Lao Tzu?" Zhang Shuo's hands were tied to the head of the bed, his feet were locked with soft handcuffs, and he was covered with water. He roared and straightened up on the bed. In front of two people, one plays with hair, the other smokes and watches the fun. Zhang Shuo twisted enough and panted like an ox. The man asked him, "Do you want to be private or public?" Zhang Shuo scolds: "Private your mother.". Force 。 Let me go. "Oh,x70 line pipe, you have a hard temper." The man stubbed out his cigarette, went over and kicked him on the buttocks. He turned out Zhang Shuo's wallet, which contained a small amount of paper money, ID cards, and several overdraft cards. He rolled down his IWC and put it on his wrist: "How much is the password?" Zhang Shuo said, "Hurry up and let me go. It's a big deal..". You take the cash. 。” Of male disdain counted: "This sends beggar?" Zhang Shuo says: "Then you let me make a phone call, I call a person to send money." The man said, "What the *** do you think I am?"? Speak quickly or call the police. Zhang Shuo said: "There is not much money in that card." The man smiled slowly and said,x70 line pipe, "That's all right. I have both human and material evidence. The front desk of the hotel sees that you bring my wife in. My wife is the victim. But brother, it doesn't matter if you don't recognize that evil. It's no big deal to come out after a few years." He threw down his wallet and raised his chin to the woman. "Xiaoshuang, call the police." The other party obediently pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number in an emergency. Wait Zhang Shuo recognized Zai and had to report the password to him. The man went to get the money, while the woman was still sitting on the chair, humming a song and looking lazy. Zhang Shuo adjusted his posture and lay down. He fixed his eyes on her. "How old are you?" The female doesn't buy it: "Don't talk nonsense." Zhang Shuo said, "Let's talk about it. You two must share less. If you let me go, I'll give you all the money." The charming woman hummed, "How much?" Zhang Shuo saw that there was a play and straightened his body, "Give as much as you want." "Yes." The woman said. When he heard this, she added, "When am I as stupid as you?" Zhang Shuo said resentfully, "Hey, talk to talk, don't make personal attacks." The woman shook her head and uttered the word "stupid." She was too lazy to talk to him. Zhang Shuo leaned over the bed and looked at her from top to bottom. His eyes lingered on her chest. He was drunk, but he seemed to remember the touch. He tried to persuade, uns s32760 plate ,x56 line pipe, "little girl, looks very handsome, what is not good, must be a liar?" She gave him a white look, back to him: "That also wants the colored embryo to be willing to take the bait." Zhang Shuo said, "I drank too much, I don't know." "I don't know?" The woman stood up, moved her arms and legs, and turned her neck. She put on her shoes and jumped directly into bed. "Then how do you know where my chest is?" Zhang Shuo raised his head, and his beautiful legs were shaking in front of him: "I don't touch it for free?" She kicked and kicked, strong and twisted to hide. I told you to give it away. I told you to give it away. Will you touch it? Zhang Shuo shouted, "Don't kick, don't kick, you have to be kind to the hostages, do you understand?"? Ouch She was so angry that she jumped out of bed and rummaged around the room. After a while, she came back, holding a pair of scissors, and made two clicks in the air. Zhang Shuo subconsciously moved back and asked nervously, "What do you want?" The woman jumped up again and blinked her big eyes niftily. "Do you still touch it?" Zhang Shuo's eyes follow the scissors. "Don't touch it. Calm down.". ” The scissors fell from his pants, and she waved them up.. Two minutes later, Zhang Shuo had only a pair of boxers on his body. He bent his body and twisted his legs. He was scared out of a cold sweat. Zhang Shuo shouted, "I said I wouldn't touch it, but you still cut it?" She can't hear. Scissors go for his panties. Zhang Shuo exclaimed, "Don't, don't. Scissors don't have eyes. Ah.." "Thorn.." The underwear opened a gap from the side, and little Zhang Shuo jumped out. The woman sighed with twists and turns: "Wow.." She observed it carefully: "It looks good." Zhang Shuo's nerves were tense and his voice was trembling: "Sister, you can take it easy. Don't cut it wrong.". That's my lifeblood. I haven't found a partner yet. Old Zhang's family has been single for nine generations. I have a heavy task. I have to carry on the family line. Zhang Shuo was about to cry. A few seconds later, he was red all over. Lying naked in bed , off the force, thought, *** this woman is more evil than Yu Nan. She looked at him and giggled, playing with the little thing with scissors. Close, Zhang Shuo smelled the fragrance of her body, scissors easy body temperature, touch the cool depression above, she stared without blinking, he felt a slight heat blowing on it, there is air flow in the abdomen. As she played, she suddenly stopped moving. She raised her head and stared at him with shame and indignation. "You are dirty." Zhang Shuo coughed and was about to speak when someone shouted, "Deng Shuang'er, let's go. I've got the money." The man is back. Deng Shuang'er quickly jumped out of bed, walked out, stopped, turned back, and kicked him there. Ah The kick wasn't heavy, and it was enough for him to scream. Zhang Shuo clamped his legs and bowed his body. He saw blue veins on his forehead. He gritted his teeth. "Don't let me see you." When You Song found it, the building was empty, the room was full of wolves, and Zhang Shuo was lying naked on his side on the bed,x52 line pipe, his head buried in the sheets. Pieces of cloth were flying around him, and the hotel phone was lying on the bed, the receiver still dangling in the air. You Song laughed out loud: "I really want to take a picture of you." 。