Mengmeng Yanbo Drunken Youyou

Cheng Mengyu and He Shifu were guarding the unconscious magic man in the tent.

Cheng Mengyu and He Shifu were guarding the unconscious magic man in the tent. His existence told them that there must be a village or camp of the magic man nearby, somewhere not far away. The magic man slept long enough, until dinner time, he woke up leisurely, Cheng Mengyu seriously suspected that he was actually awakened by the aroma of food, because her dinner, a large piece of roast Warcraft meat had not been taken away by the magic man. Looking at the magic man squatting in the corner of the tent, holding the meat in his arms and eating it fiercely, while grinning and shouting at her endlessly, Cheng Mengyu reluctantly withdrew from the tent and said to Youzhao: "Youzhao, that magic man is awake. You bring some meat in." The only one of them who knows a little Demon language is Youzhao, and we can only rely on him. She carried a piece of roasted meat and handed it to Cheng Mengyu, so that she could watch it while eating, while she carried a few pieces of raw meat to the magic man. You stay away from him. It's dangerous. Cheng Mengyu is a little worried, although the magic man should not have too much lethality, but his nails are long and sharp enough, "and, quickly put on clothes for him, really.." He was stripped naked before because he was given a clear wound, but this time the elephant trunk of the magic man was not implicit in that. Cheng Mengyu will look away, heart way, the original magic man there is no difference. When Youzhan heard this,uns c70600, he put the piece of meat aside. In a hurry, he turned out a robe in the box and handed it to the magic man. He said in the astringent language of the magic man, "Put on your clothes first." The magic man stuffed a mouthful of the meat he had snatched before into his mouth and chewed it while looking at it defensively. After hearing its words, he was slightly less defensive, but instead of taking his clothes, he rushed to the meat on one side. With a bang, Cheng Mengyu reflexively knocked off his claws. "Get dressed!"! No clothes, no food. 。” The magic man was in pain,uns c68700, and a pair of golden eyes sparkled with whiskers. With a roar, he raised his sharp nails and greeted her face. Cheng Mengyu quickly dodged, easily dodged his attack, and then picked up the meat and swayed in front of him. "If you want to eat, calm down." He winked at him and motioned for him to translate. He immediately translated the words, and then briefly described how they had rescued him from the belly of Warcraft. The magic man finally calmed down and sat cross-legged on the bedding he had just prepared for him. He stared at the meat salivating and asked them about their origins in a hoarse voice. You told him that they were a caravan wandering in the three realms, making a living by reselling the specialties of the three realms. This time, they accidentally found the boundary leading to the Demons, so they had the idea of reselling the specialties of the Demons. Only then did they gather a group of good players to come here, hoping that he could help guide them to the main city of the Demons smoothly. When the magic man heard this, he looked up with an expressionless face, and then hooked his finger at the piece of meat Cheng Mengyu was holding. Expressions and body language are universal. Cheng Mengyu rolled his eyes and threw the meat to him, muttering, "What are you dragging?" When he got the food, the magic man immediately gobbled it up. Cheng Mengyu looked at him with a disgusting look on his face, x60 line pipe ,347 stainless steel, secretly alert in his heart, obediently, almost forgot that this is a man-eating magic man, must not let him recover his strength, must limit his actions, they are all right, the level of the magic man is not close to their body, but it is hard to say that he has no strength to tie the chicken. She doesn't want to find it in this guy's stomach. This magic man can really eat, palms so big pieces of meat, he just ate more than ten pieces, that dry flat belly was stretched into a ball, braving blue veins, horrible and disgusting. Seeing that he was full, his expression seemed to soften, and he immediately went up to ask where the village was and if he could lead the way for them, and promised him a generous reward. The magic man looked at him with a hiccup, then drooped his eyelids and muttered, ¡ ° ¡ ë ¡ ë ¡ ±. ” Slightly stupefied, then nodded with a smile, said: "⊙ …" "Then he pulled Cheng Mengyu to turn around and walk out of the tent." What did he say? Why did you pull me out? "Cheng Mengyu asked doubtfully.". "He said he was tired and wanted to sleep for a while," he said with a smile. "What?!" Cheng Mengyu screamed. "Who does he think he is? What is he dragging? If it weren't for us, he would still be in the belly of Warcraft!" He touched her head soothingly and whispered a few words in her ear. Cheng Mengyu listened and nodded, finally suppressing the anger. All right, let's do it! For the rest of the time, all the people in the camp, including Cheng Mengyu, did their own things. Those who repaired the earth enclosure, those who built the house, and those who built the shed seemed to have forgotten the Warcraft in the tent. After working for most of the night, everyone was very tired, leaving two people on night duty, and everyone almost fell asleep. Silent night, snoring bursts, everyone fell into a dream, probably doing a whole day of physical work, the two guards on night duty also leaned on one side frequently dozed off. In the dark tent, a pair of golden eyes quietly opened, gently turned his head, noticed that there was no one else in the tent except him, he immediately turned over and walked to the door, he lifted the curtain, poked his head out to look around, found that the two guards at the door had fallen asleep, and immediately dodged out. After looting the meat hanging around, he swept out of the camp at a very fast speed, and soon disappeared without a trace under the cover of darkness. Before dawn, everyone had already got up to continue yesterday's construction. Cheng Mengyu looked at Liang Zhonghou, who had just returned, and asked in surprise,321 stainless steel sheet, "Do you mean that the village is only half an hour away from here?" "Well, but." Liang Zhonghou thought of what he had just seen, and a different color flashed across his face. "You'll know if you go and see." 。