Lord of Secrecy

Chapter 24 Weather Museum (for monthly ticket).

Chapter 24 Weather Museum (for monthly ticket). ? Crane has a rough idea of Daniz's character. Did not take the initiative to ask what the legend, still sitting in a chair, calmly looking at each other. Daniz, who was not interrupted, shook his head: "Legend has it that more than three hundred years ago, when Roon's army first occupied the island, more than five hundred soldiers disappeared mysteriously after a fog. Before long, many bones appeared on the seashore and on the mountains. Similar things happened several times until the Storm Church built a church here and sent a bishop." Although historians attribute the official opening of the colonial era to Russell's fleet finding a safe passage to the South Continent, in fact, for a long time before that, the countries of the North Continent had explored the surrounding waters and colonized some islands one after another, but these actions were not large-scale enough. Mysteriously disappeared in the fog. Bones appear on the seashore and in the mountains.. Crane inexplicably thought of "God's abandoned land", according to the description of the small "sun", there is no sun, only lightning and night, and when human beings are "wrapped" in darkness without a ray of light, they will encounter strange or horrible events. Daniz looked at the lighthouse,Grey Marble Slab, which stood out in the sunset, and continued: "According to the tombs and murals excavated on the island, the indigenous people here seem to have a tradition of cannibalism." The island is located in a zone of intense climate change, and is often subject to earthquakes, storms, and fog,Porcelain Marble Slabs, which have brought disaster to the indigenous people again and again. In order to survive, they have begun to worship their own "weather God" and perform four rituals a year. The ritual is to kill the selected God, share his blood and flesh, and bury his head in the altar. However, similar traditions have long been replaced by the storm cult, and the original language of the indigenous people has disappeared. The God of Weather.. A conquered island that once held the tradition of living sacrifice.. Crane made a preliminary judgment. Daniz withdrew his gaze and said casually: "Because of these legends, there are two unique customs in Bansi Port. One is to close the door tightly, not to go out and not to respond to the sound of knocking at night when the fog and weather change dramatically." The other is that they are fond of the blood of all kinds of animals, and have learned to add salt to it from the migrating spirits, so that the blood coagulates into strange lumps, which are tender and fragrant with several local spicy seasonings. Isn't this Xuewang? Crane froze for a second and turned his doubts into a frown: "Elf?" According to the stereotype formed in his previous life, the elf should be an elegant vegetarian. How can he study the correct eating skills of blood and the 100 ways of Xuewang? "Yes, White Marble Mosaic ,Silver Travertine Slabs, it is said that many elves like congealed blood." Daniz spread out his hands and answered, "Unfortunately, it's hard to meet such a creature who is good at cooking now." …… Little "Sun" has mentioned that the elf king Sunia Sorem, the ancient God, holds the power of the storm, and that the elves should be similar to the extraordinary people in the way of "sailors". Well, it's not incomprehensible that elves love blood food. Maybe they will also generally have the attribute of irascibility. The picture is a little beautiful. Crane's thoughts changed and he gradually turned his attention to Xuewang. I haven't eaten for a long time. He had the idea of getting off the boat and tasting delicious food. At this point, Daniz offered: "There is a famous green lemon restaurant here. Pig's blood is especially delicious. Would you like to try it?" He always felt alone with Gelman.. Sparrow is in danger in one room. He was afraid that the monster in human skin would suddenly go mad. In crowded places, he should be more restrained. In the storm, may this journey end soon! Daniz prayed with less confidence. As a pirate, he believed in the same Lord of the Storm, but lacked sufficient respect for the church. Hearing the proposal of "Flame", Crane, who was already interested, was very excited. However, the legends and customs told by the other side always made him feel a little bad, so he took out a gold coin and made a divination in front of Daniz. As a result, for him, there was no hidden danger in Bansi port. Uh Crane looked at the gold coin in his palm and did not remove his eyes for a few seconds, still feeling uneasy. When Daniz saw this, he suddenly realized that the monster in front of him was good at divination. This Even if you run away, it's easy to find. Flame "a burst of depression, the heart emerged a touch of sadness.". As he adjusted his mood, Crane suddenly stood up and went to the bathroom. In front of the gate, Crane looked back with an expressionless face: "You can take this opportunity to escape." With that, Crane slammed the bathroom door. Daniz opened and clenched his palms, moved two steps toward the gate and finally stopped. The unknown is the scariest. Didn't figure out Gelman. What other extraordinary abilities does Sparrow have before? He did not dare to risk inflaming the conflict. At least, at least he was kind and didn't really hurt me. When it comes to Byam, he should let me go. The thought of luck occupied Daniz's mind. In the bathroom. Crane pulled out the paper figure, made a disguise, and took four steps backwards into the fog. He sat at the top of the long bronze table, took off the spiritual pendulum of his left wrist, and wrote the corresponding divination sentences: "There are hidden dangers in the port of Bansi." After hanging down, posing and reciting several times, Crane opened his eyes and saw that the citrine pendant was turning clockwise, with great amplitude and speed! This means that for Crane, there is a great danger lurking in the port of Bansi! How did this happen? It has been colonized by the kingdom for more than three hundred years, and has become an important port on the main trade channel for hundreds of years, and there has never been a dangerous rumor. Could it be that several powerful pirates cooperated to plunder the port? No,white marble slabs, those shore defense cannons are not on display. Crane frowned in disbelief and re-divined whether he would encounter pirate-related disasters in the near future. The answer was no. Uh He was silent for a few seconds, wrapped himself in spirituality, and fell into a fog. forustone.com