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Hope to give more advice, dear friends, the first book to point out one,

 Hope to give more advice, dear friends, the first book to point out one, let me really die if I want to die to understand. Thank you! Please! [Text Chapter 92 Interesting Memories (Two in One Chapter)] Time has passed again in a twinkling of an eye. Now the end of October is approaching, and the end of November is coming. Jin Zheming, who has finished many things, is sitting alone in the office of the artist director. At this time, Jin Zheming is in a trance, but his face is filled with a brilliant smile that reflects the direction of his thoughts flying out. Since the end of the day, Jin Zheming and Yu Yongzhen found Li Chengshuo, who is now the acting president, the next day, and talked with him about Jin Zheming's later itinerary. Also attending the meeting was Jin Zheming's manager Su Xinjian. The four mainly discussed the problem that Jin Zhiming had to move his itinerary because of the sudden appearance of his song. Finally, the meeting ended with Jin Zheming's proposal. Not long after the end of the meeting, S, M official website and Jin Zheming's personal homepage all appeared some relevant news about the meeting. Jin Zheming will suspend all his trips in the near future, and launch Jin Zheming's upcoming new song. The specific time of the song has not been announced. This news once again makes people who pay attention to Jin Zheming feel excited. And those singers who are watching the fire from the other side of the river are also following Jin Zheming's steps and starting to run crazily. However, they, who thought that the ballad industry would be stable for a while, were once again suppressed because of Kim Chol-ming. The main reason was that Kim Chol-ming participated in the recording of Lee Hyori's single, a song full of two powerful line-ups,a333 grade 6 pipe, which was on the top of the list because of Kim chol-ming's independent removal. To the consternation of those who have found the right time. During the period when Kim Chul-myung was recording the song, Lee Hyo-ri was also playing his own single crazily. Because Kim Chul-myung was also involved in it, it attracted the attention of the world, so that this song, which would only be popular in Korea or Asia, spread to the world. Just this morning, thanks to the efforts of both Jin Zheming and Yu Yongzhen,uns c68700, the accompaniment of the last two songs was finally made. In this period, S and M had no experience in the production of HIPHOP accompaniment, so this song took the longest time. 、、、 Jin Zheming, who had just stopped for a while, was laughing with hot coffee in his hand. His blurred eyes indicated that Jin Zheming did not wake up and his thoughts continued to fly. And the reason why Jin Zheming is so happy is to go back to the day when Jin Zheming asked the girls for autographs. As mentioned in the previous chapter, because of Kim Chul-myung, the girls all got up their "stage names" that night, but in the end, Kim Min-jung made a slip of the tongue, which really made the girls suspicious. They all wanted to ask what was going on, but they didn't show it later. And how could the girls who were suspicious give up? It was in this way that the girls began to act one night, and the theme of this action was the trouble caused by the suspicion, and the initiator of this action was Xiaoxian, a girl that no one would have thought of. As for why Xiaoxian became the initiator of the action, it was formed by mistake. Xiaoxian is known to be a quiet girl, uns c70600 ,316l stainless steel pipe, but his careful mind is not everyone's heavy, and curiosity is also the strongest one in the girl, so it also cast into Xiaoxian night to explore Jin Zheming's house, because these days Jin Zheming's busy also gave Xiaoxian time to commit the crime. Every night Jin Zheming will come back very late, sometimes not even come back, but in order not to let his sisters know their behavior, so Xiaoxian is also very hidden, finally one night, the girls are back home after training, because of the day's training, the strong girls are also slightly up a layer of sweat, all went to the bath. And Xiaoxian also took advantage of this business to come to Jin Zheming's room. Originally into Jin Zheming's room, Xiaoxian, who had nothing to do at all, was very nervous because of himself, and looked like a thief. It was not until he got inside that he relaxed slightly. Xiaoxian, who dared not delay time, began to rummage carefully in Jin Zheming's room, but did not find anything useful. When the time came, he found something that he should not have seen. Xiaoxian, who was pure in his heart, also blushed and put his things back in the distance. He hurriedly left the area over there. Time is also slowly in the past, and Xiaoxian also did not find anything, gradually give up Xiaoxian see the final goal on the computer in the corner, perhaps Xiaoxian's luck, Jin Zheming a lot of things are stored in this computer. Many people say that as long as they put it on the computer, the secret will not be a secret, because there are hackers in the world, but Jin Zheming's little followers are not jealous, although Jin Zheming does not know how to hack, but there are experts in his followers, otherwise how can they do the task so smoothly. Withdraw your gaze! Xiaoxian decided, first from the crack in the door to investigate, looking at the empty living room, Xiaoxian was relieved to open the computer, the computer started silently, only the display constantly flashing incomprehensible data that the computer is running normally. With the opening of the computer, Xiaoxian's heart beat slowly faster, and his hand on the keyboard seemed to be preparing for something. The computer opened, the desktop did not like Xiaoxian thought, but directly appeared the computer interface, a desktop containing nine of them, originally on the keyboard hand also relaxed down, thought it was to spend a lot of effort to enter the password Xiaoxian some speechless, and even some disappointed feeling, is Xiaoxian's computer technology is very high? 、、、 Xiaoxian laughed with some bad taste,347 stainless steel, and his smiling eyes were staring at the computer desktop. Jin Zheming's desktop was found when he shot the poster photo last time. It was the one at the seaside. At the end, it was the photo of all the girls. I still remember that Jin Zheming and Yoon were funny at that time, so I know why Xiaoxian laughed.