Cholera Jianghu by North and South

It was because of the cold autumn, the merchants in the city to discuss,

It was because of the cold autumn, the merchants in the city to discuss, together for the men to buy winter clothes. When Huo Linfeng heard this, he was moved and said clearly, "So many soldiers are not a small sum of money." "The merchants are willing to contribute more," said the other. "Cloth shops, family members, and hunters. Each family has money to contribute, and each family has the strength to contribute." He bowed with a bow and then offered a grey fur cloak. "This is for General Huo. I hope General Huo will not dislike it." Huo Linfeng said shamefacedly, "We haven't wiped out the enemy soldiers yet, but we have taken things from the common people." When all the winter clothes were unloaded and the merchants boarded the bus back to the city, Huo Linfeng personally sent a few steps. The motorcade gradually drove away, and he wanted to turn around and return to the camp, only to see a man coming through the wind in the distance. Closer, closer, why is that thin and handsome posture so familiar. When Du Zheng saw this, he exclaimed, "Young master, that man.." It's like Master Ergong. Huo Linfeng fixed himself firmly: "Hu.." If I dream, you can't dream either. So said, but can not help but take two steps, the right hand pinches a left hand, immediately burning pain. As the man got closer, Du Zheng shouted, "It's absolutely true!"! It's really the Master of the Second Palace! Such as washing blue sky, shallow gold in the sand, allowing the clouds to float in a white gauze robe. The horse's hooves left a string of marks in the Liao desert,interactive panel board, whipping the reins and neighing through the morning breeze. -Whew! Rong Luoyun stopped, dozens of steps away from Yingkou, looking at the people over there at a distance. Running thousands of miles, covered with wind and frost, at this moment to see each other alive. Huo Linfeng looked up, motionless. The Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, and their little reunion has come late, suddenly feeling like a dream. Chapter 80 can't think of a title. Huo Linfeng went to the horse and held out his hand. Now the sky was bright, and the early sun hung high in the blue sky, so yellow that the falling clouds could not open their eyes. He had to lower his eyes and stare at the horse's mane,smart board for conference room, while Yu Guang stared at Huo Linfeng's figure. The hand was waiting for him, but he didn't move, so he kept holding it up. But on the other side of Yingkou, Du Zheng stood there looking at them, and the soldiers on duty were also looking at them curiously. Rong Luoyun seemed to be struggling, and finally loosened the reins and dismounted himself by holding the saddle. Huo Linfeng took half a step forward with quick eyes and quick hands, grabbed the waist and carried it, and waited for Rong Luoyun to come down, almost close to each other. Huo Linfeng pulled the reins, and the horse turned around and blocked them. Xiao Rong. He couldn't wait to call out, grabbed Rong Luoyun's arm, turned it over, and looked at the red palm. "I knew it," he repeated, holding the back of his hand gently. "I knew it." The voice had not been heard for a long time, and Rong Luoyun was in a trance and could not help trembling. From dismounting to landing, he turned sideways to Huo Linfeng, lowered his head, and did not look at each other. All the way to the north of the Great Wall, smart board interactive whiteboard ,smartboard for business, day and night to see people, but at this moment, the feeling of being close to home is even more timid. Huo Linfeng was naturally able to perceive, thinking that the blue sky and the white sun, in front of the barracks, Rong Luoyun could not open his face. He was trying his best to endure and suppress it, and when he just raised his hand to catch it, it was already extremely controlled. Come in with me. Huo Linfeng took the reins and stepped back a little. "Go to the tent and talk about it." Rong Luoyun nodded without a word and followed him. When he arrived at Yingkou, he heard Du Zheng calling him. With a smile on his face, as if he had met an old friend, Du Zheng asked happily, "Master Ergong, why are you here?" Rong Luoyun followed with a smile: "Of course there is something important." Du Zheng, no matter how much, took the bundle off his horse's back with great vision, and then reached out to carry the bamboo basket. What's in here? He muttered, lifted the lid and looked, "Mother, how can this little beast be here?" The boy was so quiet that the sour water in Huo Linfeng's chest deteriorated quietly. It used to be sour and bitter, but now it is sweet and sour. Important things, Rong Luoyun said there was something important, Huo Linfeng could not guess, unexpectedly, still immersed in the huge surprise of the other side. His right hand pinched his left hand, twisted his thigh, bit his tongue, and he silently proved that the moment was not a dream. Entering the tent, Huo Linfeng put down the bound door cloth, and the rustling wind, the strong sunlight, and the eyes that followed them were all blocked. Turning around, I saw Rong Luoyun squatting on the blanket, opening the bamboo basket and holding out the wolf cub. The little thing was dizzy. Rong Luoyun rubbed it down the belly of the wolf cub and was stunned to rub it alive. Huo Linfeng walked over and stopped when the distance was very close. "There is no one else," he said. He seemed to imply that we were the only ones in the account who could say or do something. Then, in a pious, almost pleading tone, he begged for pity and said, "Bodhisattva, rub it for me, too." Rong Luoyun's face was tight. He knew this man. He dared to talk nonsense in front of the Buddha, but now he was even more unscrupulous behind his back. Shouting that the Bodhisattva would suffer, he refused. After a while, there was no movement. At a glance, he saw Huo Linfeng staring at him. When provoking him, the eyes hide a romantic smile, used to seduce people, when the intention to provoke pity, as at the moment, as if he had suffered a great emotional injury. Rong Luoyun knew it very well, but he couldn't stand it. He pursed his lips and stuffed the wolf cub: "Look at your son." Huo Linfeng took it and threw it casually: "Look what it's doing!" He came out with a low roar and grabbed Rong Luoyun's shoulders. "Will you raise your head and let me have a good look at you?!" Rong Luoyun seemed to stand unsteadily and trembled again. Huo Linfeng lowered his head to look at Rong Luoyun's feet. The silk shoes were already worn out, and cloth socks could even be seen at the edge. Running for thousands of miles, stepping on stirrups, hiding the suffering along the way. Does the sole of your foot hurt? Huo Linfeng asked. Rong Luoyun is always strong and shakes his head. Huo Linfeng can not ask, simply as in a dream, bent over to reach out and hug it, Rong Luoyun can not restrain the light call, a short sound finally revealed fresh. Walking to the couch, Huo Linfeng sat down and tightened his arms as if he were holding a doll. Rong Luoyun was forced to stick to his body, his side face was forced to touch his shoulder, he took off his shoes and socks,65 inch smart board, grabbed his ankles, and saw the wound blisters on a pair of feet. Heartache is unspeakable, Huo Linfeng asked in a low voice: "What about the body? Are there any bruises or wounds? Don't hide it from me." 。