Installation And Purchase Of Booster Pump

The name suggests that the booster pump is a pump installed on the pipeline to boost pressure, and it is a special name for many pumps. Generally speaking, the pipeline booster pump refers to the pump installed on the pipeline to transport liquid.

The name suggests that the booster pump is a pump installed on the pipeline to boost pressure, and it is a special name for many pumps. Generally speaking, the pipeline booster pump refers to the pump installed on the pipeline to transport liquid. It is not limited to a certain type or form of pump. It can be vertical or horizontal, such as vertical multistage centrifugal pump. , Horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump, vertical single-stage centrifugal pump, horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump, self-priming centrifugal pump, etc. can be called pipeline booster pump. Generally speaking, the pipeline booster pump in the industry generally refers to the pump of pipeline structure, which can be directly installed in series like a pipeline.

Since the booster pump is another name for the pump, its selection follows the selection of the centrifugal pump, and the parameters to pay attention to are nothing more than flow, head, material, specific gravity of the medium, etc. We usually refer to the pump flow and lift as its rated flow and rated lift. The so-called rated flow and rated lift refer to the situation that the pump inlet and outlet are fully open and work at the power frequency (50Hz). the amount of water to be pumped and the height to which it can be pumped. The rated head corresponding to the rated flow of the pump is called the optimal working point of the pump. This working point is the working point with the highest efficiency of the pump. Therefore, when selecting the pump, try to choose the pump with the best working point parameters, which can not only exert the best potential of the pump, but also improve the service life of the pump.

To measure the performance of the pump, the power is not important, but the efficiency of the unit is. In the case of the same head and the same flow, the efficiency of the small power is high, that is to say, the performance is good. The water pump has the labeling method of the highest head flow rate and the rated head flow rate. Most of the water pumps on the market are marked with the highest head flow rate. Some manufacturers' water pump labels are very outrageous, such as ordinary 90w and 120w copper pump head booster pumps. The standard power is 80w (maximum head 10 meters) and 120w (maximum head 13 meters).

To obtain good sales, some businesses have changed to 100w (the highest head is 12-15 meters) and 150w (the highest head is 15-20 meters), and the flow rate is also terrifyingly high. There is also a self-priming pump with a theoretical suction stroke of 10 meters. Due to the existence of the NPSH (water vaporization phenomenon caused by the roughness of the pump head), the effective suction stroke of the self-priming pump is 8-8.5 meters. But merchants mark these parameters beyond imagination to attract customers' attention. Therefore, before buying a pump, you should learn more about the actual parameters of the pump, such as the actual head and actual flow, to avoid trouble. When the booster pump is working, the flow is the largest when the head is zero, and the flow is zero when it reaches the highest head. According to the changes in the flow and head of each working point, the working curve of the pump can be drawn, which is the performance characteristic curve of the pump. The selection of the water pump should be determined according to the site, such as the length of the pipeline, the size of the pipe diameter, the number of elbows, the capacity of the water heater, the type of the water heater, the water output of the nozzle and so on. Especially the pressure-bearing electric water heater, due to its special device, must choose a pump with a slightly larger water output, and it is difficult for a small-flow pump to work. Pipeline pressurization does not mean that everything will be fine after installing a water pump. There are many reasons for low water pressure. Typical ones are aging pipes, especially galvanized pipes, which will gradually corrode after many years of use, resulting in pipe blockage and reduced water flow; there are 90 Too many elbows will also reduce the water output. For these reasons, the water pressure is low, and the effect is not obvious after the water pump is installed.

The booster pump has a characteristic. When the flow of the pipeline cannot keep up with the flow of the pump or exceeds the flow of the pump, the booster effect is not obvious. Therefore, before purchasing a water pump, it is necessary to check the reasons for the low water pressure, and not blindly buy a water pump. To buy, it is recommended to consult a plumber or find an experienced merchant for advice. The advantage of asking a business advisor is that in case the pump pressurization effect is not ideal, you can confidently ask the business to exchange or return it.

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