How Can You understand the Installation of Helical Piers

The term couch/sofa isn't the sole "regional synonym" we have in the United States.

Have you ever have you heard of the term "regional synonym"? It's when something has various words that be used to refer to it.

Similar to the terms "sofa" and " couch" for instance foundation repair Utah. Which one you prefer or the other could have something to do with the place you were raised (or learnt English) in the U.S. The term couch/sofa isn't the sole "regional synonym" we have in the United States.

Here's some more ideas I've thought of...

  • "soda" vs "pop"
  • "crawfish" vs "crayfish" vs "crawdads"
  • "tenanis shoes" vs "sneakers" know the concept. If you're looking for more examples you can check out you can check out the University of Wisconsin-Madison has a impressive list of examples here.

What's the reason I'm speaking about "regional synonyms", sofas and crawdads in the blog of helical piers? Since helical piers also have "regional synonyms" too.

If you've been researching the helical foundations technology, you may have seen words like "screw piers", "helical piles" as well as "TorcSill piles". It shouldn't be much time before you began to think:

What's the difference between a screw pile, helical pier, and TorcSill pile?"

It's a great question it's one of most frequent ones I am asked. Since many people are thinking the same I thought it was the right time to write an answer that is solid. Spend some minutes and I'll explain the specific difference among screw piles, Helical, as well as TorcSill piles.

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Should You Call it a Helical Pier or Screw Pier?

If you're looking for the shortest answer, here's it:

Helical piers as well as screw piers as well as TorcSill piles are (essentially) identical. identical thing. They're all different in their names, but they all are referring to the identical technology.

Let's take it apart.

The reason you'll find so many terms used to define a helical pier is down to a few reasons:

  1. Helical Piers have been in existence for over two centuries, so there's ample time to allow new names to come up.\

What you refer to as the foundation repair Utah may not be as crucial as the style of the helical the pier. It should be in line with the definition of an Helical pile (helical Pier)as found in Howard Perko's'Industrie-Recognized Helical Pile: An Integrated Guide for Designing and Installing'.

 If the product is able to meet the requirements above, it doesn't matter if the product is called helical pier or screw pier. It's the same thing as a Helical pile. The most important thing is that the engineering and design is carried out in line with the accepted standards. This is the only way you can provide a versatile and strong foundation.

Solid foundations come from smart design, expert engineering, and hard work

To summarize:

  • Helical Piers can bear a myriad of distinct name due to regional differences and the long-term viability in the development of technology (almost 200 years)
  • It's crucial not to get distracted by names, and instead focus on looking to the actual technology
  • To be considered to be a genuine helical pier foundation the helical pier has to meet the definition of an "helical pile" laid out by Howard Perko in his book "Helical Piles: A Practical Guide to Design and Installation"
  • Names and phrases could change, but the style as well as technology of the helical piers follow strict guidelines to make sure that you're receiving an authentic Helical pier.

"Okay" I hear you saying, "that's all well and well, but you've forgotten the importance of TorcSill piles. What is the difference between a Helicalpier and a TorcSillpile?"