The Holy King

Yang Qi watched, countless light and shadow,

Yang Qi watched, countless light and shadow, began to shape, concise. Great power, in the void, I do not know how many billions of years, suddenly the shadow into a great God, boom! The great God stepped out with one foot, and the whole world turned into chaos, and countless darkness was trampled under his feet. From then on, the forces of darkness and chaos were completely at a disadvantage, and the gods of light were in the upper hand. The body of the God is condensed into shape, which is the method of body condensation. Yang Qi had a wave of enlightenment in his heart. While watching the process of creating the idol, he realized that the pithy formula of the golden statuette was a process of rebuilding the body. It is the authentic method that leads to the legendary road. To reach the realm of legend, there must be a set of secret skills, that is, body shaping. At the moment of promotion to legend, there will be a big explosion in the body, all the acupoints, meridians, and the sea of air will be exploded into chaos, and then according to various practices, the body will be re-condensed in chaos. For example, when Da Ri Gan Kun Sword reaches the end of cultivation, it condenses the first change of legend, and when the blood soul changes, it will turn into Da Ri Sword body. And now, the skills passed by the golden statuette between the eyebrows are many times more powerful than the body of the Great Japanese Sword. It is the body of the God image in the power of the God image town prison,large ficus tree, and the gods give it the name of "the body of the master". The ruler of all things is called "Lord" for short. With all their power and essence, the gods created the gods to suppress the hell, suppress the demons, and make the light prevail in the universe. This "body of the master" is very powerful. The skill that Yang Qi has got now is only a small part of the legendary realm, but it is already mysterious. He understands it, and then runs his body carefully, trying to change the meridians and become the body of the master. After a while, the effect was produced. The first thing that changed was the blood. Yang Qi was even slightly aware that the structure of his blood had undergone essential changes, absorbing the True Qi, which kept producing incredible changes. Every drop of blood contained countless little lives, which were like human beings like demons,decorative palm trees, gods like ghosts, immortals like Buddhas, and emperors like emperors. With all the greatest breath and power in the world. They are arranged and combined with each other, and they are running in the most perfect way. Buzz, buzz. Yang Qi's body, joints, bone marrow, also in shock, in the arrangement, combination, the blood on the body seems to have turned into a string of charms, distorted, showing the artistic conception of the ancient Hongmeng. Hum! Deep between Yang Qi's eyebrows, a vertical eye appeared, which was the eyeball produced by the transformation of flesh and blood. This eyeball was like the eye of heaven, deep, vast, containing endless stars, countless planes, silk ficus tree ,fake ficus tree, and space in this eyeball. This is more powerful than the prince's "angry eyes" in essence, I do not know how many times. This is the unique eye of the "body of the master", the "eye of the master". When the God opened the eyes of the Lord, the powerful demons in the deepest part of hell did not dare to move. He represents the most powerful "Lord" in the world, past, present and future, and is the embodiment of the power of "Lord". The Lord said, "He who is, is eternal." The Lord said, "Those who disappear, meteors fall." The Lord controls the world, and the Lord creates the universe. Yang Qi's vertical eye, in mythology, is the "Lord" who blesses his eyes with the gods, gives them to the gods, overcomes the darkness, sees through the infinite plane and hell, and makes any powerful demon God invisible. However, although Yang Qi is now condensed into this "eye of the Lord", but the real power can not be shown, only waiting to reach the legendary realm, can rely on this eye, kill everything. Moreover, the body of his master, now is slightly condensed, only the great destruction, the moment of legend, can be small. Chapter 205 Lingyu. "This body is perfect.". Powerful and invulnerable. Yang Qi slowly received the True Qi, and did not know how long it took, and finally thoroughly understood the preliminary skills of "the body of the master", which laid the foundation for the promotion of legend. Later, at the moment when the practice reached the legend, the meridians exploded. With this set of exercises for shaping the body, it was very easy to practice to change the blood and soul. And at that time, the reshaped body was close to the gods. With the body alone, without any Qigong, you could tear the mountains with your bare hands, cross the long river, and run on the sky and the ocean. This is the power of the body of the master, more powerful than the body of any demon God. Even at the end, the body of the master can absorb any attack, but will convert the attack into energy. Unfortunately, Yang Qi has not reached this level now, far from enough, at least beyond the realm of the ancient Great Sage, to reach another ancient realm. Qigong, Death, Legend, Great Sage. The four realms are the divisions of spiritual practice on the fertile mainland. As for what is beyond the realm of the Great Sage, Yang Qi does not know at all. He is not even very clear about how many divisions there are in the realm of the Great Sage. But there is no doubt that the ancient Great Sage and the light and darkness he felt on the mark of the gods between his eyebrows collided, and the void struggle between the gods and the demons was too weak, so there are many realms above the realm of the Great Sage, but this is not what Yang Qi can consider. In ancient times, his present cultivation was not a Qi practitioner. It is a pity that there is no ancient spirit stone in the vein of Tianyuan. Otherwise, using ancient spirit stone to practice is countless times more powerful than any elixir. In a few years, I can promote many disciples of my family and build a huge dynastic empire. Yang Qi sighed carefully as he practiced. Now, in the Great Emperor Pagoda, although there is the flesh and blood of the Asura as the vitality, even stronger than the ancient Lingshi, but after all, it can not be popularized, Yang Qi can not let some of the children of the family come to the Great Emperor Pagoda to practice. The Great Imperial Tower is doomed to be shared only by fathers and brothers. Although the flesh and blood of a legendary Asura with nine changes,artificial banyan trees, if all of them are really transformed into vitality, it is enough to make dozens of ordinary people who have killed nine times become legends. But for Yang Qi, I'm afraid it's not enough.