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Although the descendant's ability is not as good as his body,

Although the descendant's ability is not as good as his body, he can have more power in this nightmare world. There is no way to compare the degree of chip extraction and purification of blood with that of the powerful beings in the world. This is Anglie's greatest secret and his greatest reliance. Once we can rely on this way of blood planting to develop our descendants, then Anglie only needs to pay a small price to get a powerful force as a help. This is also the fundamental reason why those sealers like to create descendants. Wizard World VIP Volume 387 Visit 2 In the next ten days or so, Andre went back to the main world, met with the representatives of the ancient family, asked them some details about the surrounding environment, and asked them to catch some different kinds of insects and plants around them every once in a while as a reward, he would pay some magic stones. The rest of the time, Angri is driving a scorpion, most of the time hiding in the nightmare world, absorbing the blood pool crystals given to him by the beholder every day, and then observing the changes of Ofei's body. Unfortunately, the amulet on the lower abdomen of Ofei is getting weaker and smaller, and her fertility has indeed recovered, but the seed has not been able to grow up after all. Instead, Anglie noticed that there seemed to be some strange change in Ofie's own body, and her eyes were faintly red, just like his eyes now. A month later Nightmare World Angley frowned at Ophelia, who was lying on the test bed in front of him. Ophelia's skin became more pink and delicate, and became very excited. He reached out and rubbed it gently on Ofie's arm. "Oh!" Oufei clenched her teeth, but still could not help rolling her eyes and trembling all over, as if she was already wet in her lower body. "Is that the change you're talking about?" Angelique withdrew, thoughtfully. "Although reproductive capacity has been restored, the body has become extremely sensitive. I'm sorry,liquid bottle filling machine, it seems that there was some kind of mistake in my experiment." He didn't say the following words. It is the blood of the scorpion woman that is planted for Ophee, and the scorpion woman has always been known for her instinct. Perhaps this change is the sequela of the blood of the Scorpion woman. "I'm sorry, can you suppress it a little? Even if I can't recover, I dare not wear clothes now," Ofei answered, blushing and panting on the experimental table. "I'm sorry I can only give you a little suppression," Anglie nodded apologetically. He turned the dark red armband he wore on his right arm slightly. With a sniff, the armband flew out of a mauve flame. The flame quickly grows and expands, and then slowly falls, attaching itself to the surface of Ophee's body, as if it were incorporated into the skin. Only then did Ofei feel much better. "Your body has to be suppressed by me every six months. Pay attention to the time interval. But this kind of suppression is temporary. When the waiting time is up, once you don't come in time, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,CSD filling line, your body will release a one-time burst of accumulated excitement for six months. When the time comes, you will pay attention to yourself," Anglie added. "Let me ask you again. Are you sure you don't need to restore your original physical condition?" "No, thank you very much for restoring my reproductive capacity. This is my biggest regret and wish all the time. By comparison, it's a good deal to pay such a small price," Ofei answered solemnly. Angley shrugged his shoulders with some regret. He really couldn't understand Ofie's stubbornness about the idea of carrying on the family line. "Well, that's all for today. You go to rest first." He suddenly looked back at the window. "Yes," Oufei climbed up, looked shyly at a large wet place on the stage, walked out slowly with her dress in her arms, and closed the door gently. With a single wave of Angelique, all the stains on the laboratory table slowly evaporated and disappeared. This is a special cleaning sorcery for witches. It used to be recorded on some robes to clean the body. This is the right time to use it. Sweeping everything clean, Anglie walked slowly to the window. Through the glass window, he could clearly see a black figure standing quietly in the woods on the left side of the villa. The figure wore a black hood and seemed to be aware of Anglie's gaze. He slowly raised his head to reveal a beautiful woman's face with a purple veil. Anglie narrowed his eyes, opened the window, and jumped down with a gentle jump. Boom! Steadily landed on the ground, Anglie's feet lightly kicked, instantly turned into a dark shadow, through the defensive layer, appeared opposite the black-robed figure. "Hey Phoenix, I came to see you," the black-robed woman showed a bright smile, "last time thanks to your last offer, I came by the way to see your residence." "By the way?" Anglie glanced around, not far from the faint traces of residual energy, one is the beholder, and the other three seem to be the breath of the human magic guide, which has no blood breath, only energy fluctuations, generally human beings can stay. "Who did you come after?" He asked in a low voice "Yes, just a few bugs came to my ruins to make trouble, so I sent a doppelganger to come over and see where you live." The beholder bluntly said that the body was just a doppelganger. "Those little bugs aren't dead yet. It's really rare." Anglie was a little afraid. He was a little uncertain that the beholder suddenly came to him and said this. Was he a little suspicious of his identity? "Indeed, these insects can run very well, and one of them even has something to do with the church in those days. Well, don't you feel a little disappointed to say these boring things now?"? What's the matter? When you get to your door, don't you invite me in? I was a great treat to you. "The beholder's eyes moved, and a faint smile rose from the corners of his mouth under his veil." Angelique could not refuse the beholder's request, but once she was invited into the villa, it was obvious that the presence of Fria would easily aggravate her suspicion. His mind raced, trying to find a reason to turn down the beholder's request. "Oh?"? You have a human? Is it female? Without waiting for him to speak,PET blow moulding machine, the beholder suddenly sighed, "It's quite in line with our aesthetic standards." She looked past Anglie in the direction of the villa Anglie glanced back slightly and was startled. In front of the gate outside the villa, Fria was leaning against the door and looking far away. gzxilinear.com