Charming and cold-hearted childe

"Then go and find them. What are you looking for me for?"

"Then go and find them. What are you looking for me for?" I don't care. You really hurt my heart, Moon. "The peach blossom eyes hold the heart in their hands and pretend to be inconsolable." Has anyone ever told you that you are beautiful, more beautiful than a woman? I ignored his posturing and asked my doubts directly. Peach Blossom Eye's face suddenly changed, became a little distorted, that good-looking facial features appear ferocious, "Moon, do you know that people who said this sentence are miserable?" I shrugged my shoulders and knew that a man would be afraid of being told that he was beautiful. I no longer pay attention to the peach blossom eyes, closed my eyes and continued to rest, regarding him as transparent. After a while, I suddenly opened my eyes. "Hey, I don't know your name yet." Sitting on the grass, his face twisted again and stared at me with his strange eyes wide open. "Xiao Er, my name is Xiao Er.". Remember! Finally, he added, "It turns out that there are still people in Xuncheng who don't know my son Xiao." "Xiao Er?"? Waiter? Ha ha ha ha ~ "I am about to laugh, tears are flowing out,ultrasonic dispersing machine, covering the stomach on the grass.". Xiao Er looked at me with a gentle face and said with a smile, "is it so funny?"? Little things. "That's funny." I nodded my head vigorously. Xiao Er stared at me intently, and I suddenly felt that something was wrong with the atmosphere, and gradually stopped laughing. Xiao Er leaned closer to me, his beautiful face enlarged in my eyes. I put my hand against his chest in a panic and asked, "What do you want to do?" Xiao Er covered my hand and brought me into his chest with a slight effort. I struggled desperately,sonicator homogenizer, but his strong hand clasped my waist and his other hand clasped my chin. If you dare, I'll beat you! I threatened with a fierce look. But as if he hadn't heard it, the red lips were getting closer and closer. In a hurry, I breathed hard at him. What are you doing? Xiao Er was stunned. Don't you think it smells? I ate a lot of garlic cloves at noon. I said it seriously. You ~ ~ "Xiao Er's facial muscles twitched," can't you say something else? " But finally let go of me. "Garlic cloves?"? Kui you can think of it, garlic cloves, ha ha! As soon as I breathed a sigh of relief, a voice sounded overhead, "What are you doing?" There was a chill. Juechen? I looked up in a daze, forgetting that I was still in Xiao Er's arms. I think I'm disturbing you. Juechen took a deep look at me, which frightened me. Dust, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, that's not true. I wanted to break free from Xiao Er's arms in a hurry, but Xiao Er's arms were like steel around me, and I couldn't break free for a moment. Juechen turned away with a cold face and stopped looking at me. Let go! I grabbed Xiao Er's arm angrily and gnashed my teeth. Xiao Er was so painful that he let me go. "Can't you be gentle?" I immediately stood up and ran after Juechen. Do you really care about him so much? Xiao Er asked behind his back, with a trace of feelings that I did not understand. I paused for a moment, but immediately took another step to catch up. Yeah, do I care about him so much already? Don't I just want to find a backer? Aren't you lusting after his sex? I ask myself, but can not find the answer, but I know, I do not want to misunderstand me, I can not stand his cold eyes. Running into the cabin, Juechen was standing in front of the door and window, with his back to me. I hesitated at the door and stepped forward. "Dust." I called tentatively. The figure of Juechen looks so aloof and gives off the breath of rejection. You misunderstood me. He wanted to kiss me himself, and I tried to refuse. Really, we don't have anything! I said eagerly. No need to explain. What you do is your business, not mine. Juechen turned his face and his eyes were strange. As if being pushed away abruptly, the distance between me and Juechen was separated in a twinkling of an eye. I felt a sharp pain in my heart and my eyes were red. Juechen looked at me and walked away from me. I don't want it! I hugged Juechen's waist from behind. "I'm your fiancee. How can you say it has nothing to do with you?" Juechen opened my hand and went out. Dust! Looking at the back of his departure, I finally couldn't help crying. This book is first published by Xiaoxiang Novel Original Network, please keep it for reprinting! The sixth chapter of the text tries. 11 200804 2685 "Alas!" I don't know how many times I sighed. After a good cry, all I had left was a sigh. In a fit of anger, Juechen disappeared without a trace, even Xiao Er disappeared, leaving me standing alone in front of the wooden house. One doesn't explain to me, the other doesn't listen to me. Inexplicably ran, my mood stirred up a mess, and walked away on his own. I'm so angry! "They are all big bastards!" I shouted angrily at the door. Shouting, or looking at the end of the narrow path, waiting for the familiar figure to appear. It's already evening, and Juechen should be back soon. Deep in the woods, a figure really flashed. Juechen! I ran over happily. But out of the shadow of the tree came a little peach dressed in pink, carrying a basket in her hand. Sister Yingyue, "Xiaotao seems very happy to see me." I brought you food. " "It's you, Peach." Disappointed, I looked deep into the woods. There was no one there. "Is your father all right?" "Well, my father has an old problem. It doesn't matter." Peach smiled at me. "It was Dr. Juechen who asked me to bring you food.". Sister Yingyue, you haven't had dinner yet. You must be hungry. "Did Juechen ask you to come?" I was a little delighted. "What about him?" "Doctor Juechen said he would not come back tonight because he had something to do and asked me to accompany Sister Yingyue." Xiaotao looked at me enviously, "Doctor Juechen is good to my sister!" I smiled bitterly in my heart. Xiaotao didn't know anything. How could she understand that Juechen didn't want to see me. Forget it, I didn't eat lunch at noon. Although I was sad,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, I was still hungry. At that moment, he decided to turn grief into food and fill his stomach first. When I entered the kitchen, I swept all the food brought by Xiaotao into my stomach.