The big devil

It was not until this time that the ice God Cory arrived and looked at Han Shuo,

It was not until this time that the ice God Cory arrived and looked at Han Shuo, who was grinning coldly, that Cory suddenly felt a little cold. However, he knew that if Han Shuo did not die today, there would be no peace in the temple of ice and snow from now on, and the majesty and solemnity of the temple would be destroyed. Kill! Be sure to kill him! Ice God Cory drank, with all his strength, ready to leave Han Shuo here forever. Suddenly, Han Shuo, who had just killed Abra, glanced at him with a smile and unhurriedly walked to the wall where Abra, who was still dripping with blood, had just leaned against. Under Abra's gaze, the stone wall left a passage incredibly, and Han Shuo walked into the stone wall unhurriedly. Then, Han Shuo stood proudly in the stone wall passage, facing the ice God Cory who was about to be killed in front of him, with a cold smile on his face. Ice God Cory injury has not recovered, this time around the subordinates have not yet approached, the top of the two magicians are not fully prepared, the cold ice God Cory rushed to the body suddenly slowed down, unexpectedly dare not and Han Shuo confrontation. In just two seconds, Han Shuo's body "snapped" and the magic skill forced all the cold currents that had previously invaded the body out of the body. "Ah, coward, my body was still cold, and you had a chance to kill me!" Han Shuo's body was no longer stiff, and he looked at the ice God Cory with a long smile and a vicious taunt. As soon as Han Shuo's words fell, the helpers of the Ice God came in succession, and the two magicians at the top of their heads were finally ready. Ice God Cory was livid, gnashing his teeth and spitting out the word "kill", and finally took the lead in rushing to Han Shuo. At this time, Han Shuo step back,316l stainless steel pipe, in front of him once again magically closed the rock wall, such as the ice God Cory rushed here, in front of him only smooth as a mirror of the stone wall, where there is a trace of Han Shuo? "Big, my Lord, this is not the way!"! If we continue to consume like this, all the energy in the statue of ice and snow will be gone! When the ice God Cory cursed Han Shuo angrily, a believer finally could not help but remind him. Like an epiphany, Cory, the ice God, woke up with a start, and then remembered that the ugly thing in the statue of the goddess of ice and snow was still holding his experiment sucking power. Don't worry about that dirty necromancer, take care of that ugly thing first! Cory, the ice God, trembled and ordered his subordinates beside him. Ice God Cory understood that he was really mad by Han Shuo, which would lead to such an irrational action. Reminded by his subordinates, Ice God Cory finally knew that he had been played by Han Shuo. As you wish, x56 line pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, my Lord! Several believers hurriedly responded, and immediately began to deal with the ice and snow goddess is absorbing the very happy water armor corpse. Volume V Chapter 482 what are you? When the Ice God Cory and his party no longer cared about the existence of Han Shuo, but focused their attention and prepared to deal with the water armor corpse, Han Shuo, who used the power of the golden armor corpse to hide in the stone wall, suddenly shot out like a sword. Careful This time, the big drink came from the ice God Cory. The two magicians, who had been staying on the cliff at the top of the statue of ice and snow, suddenly sensed a strong breath of blood, and the disgusting blood condensed into a fog of blood, which enveloped Han Shuo in an instant. Seeing that the ice God Cory finally recognized the situation under the reminder, Han Shuo knew that it was meaningless to dodge and fight guerrilla warfare again. Even if he was injured, he had to intercept them at this critical time to gain enough time for the water armor corpse to absorb energy. Among the pedestrians, the two magicians at the top are the most vulnerable, but the threat to Han Shuo is the greatest. Once Han Shuo decides to fight head-on, only these two magicians can succeed again in a very short time. Therefore, Han Shuo did not hesitate, suddenly burst out from the stone wall, and deliberately bloomed a huge momentum, in order to let the ice God Cory know his plan, so as to temporarily give up the water armor corpse. This time, however, the ice God Cory did not pay attention to Han Shuo. After shouting a reminder, he rushed to the ice goddess again. It seemed that he had obviously woken up from his previous madness and knew that the existence of a God was much more important than two holy magic teachers. This is beyond the expectation of Han Shuo, when the two magicians evacuated rapidly with great trepidation, Han Shuo decisively gave up the pursuit of two people, the body suddenly changed direction at high altitude, carrying a turbulent evil spirit, into a cloud of blood toward the following ice God Cory several people cover. Now, Han Shuo has to fight hard. Can no longer dodge the use of terrain sneak attack. As soon as Cory looked up and saw the cloud of blood coming to the top, he immediately understood that it contained energy that could destroy everything, and his face changed. Immediately distinguished the situation, fiercely raised his sword to strike the cloud of blood, and shouted in his mouth: "Ice explosion!" As if premeditated, after a "storm of ice and snow" fell in the ice God Cory, the four swordsmen beside Cory had a lot of cold light in their eyes, and together with the ice God Cory, they waved their swords to meet the blood cloud. Add the ice God Cory, a total of five mixed with the ice and snow goddess bestowed divine power of the fighting spirit, suddenly gathered in the blood cloud. The five forces collided with each other in the blood cloud, and the terrible ice explosion suddenly occurred in the blood cloud. The ice explosion formed by the five forces was so fierce that it covered a large group of blood clouds. Han Shuo had no time to escape and was immediately hit hard in the ice explosion. Ha ha ha Cory guffawed, his laughter full of triumph. "Ice Explosion" is the secret skill of the temple of ice and snow, which uses the divine power of the goddess of ice and snow. The mixed fighting gas collides with each other to form a large area of solid ice explosion. Once enveloped by the "ice explosion", the terrible power of the ice awl increases sharply, with an invincible impact. Ice God Cory in a series of setbacks, finally use the temple secret skill to recover the disadvantage, the heart of the carefree dripping can be imagined. Dirty Necromancer, how do I see you escape this time? Cory, the ice God, laughed. Staring at the cloud of blood that was gradually dispersing with the four swordsmen beside him. The power of "Ice Explosion" dissipated the evil spirit of the blood cloud, and Han Shuo's body was slowly revealed in the blood cloud. Han Shuo's body was full of holes, and his body seemed to have been inserted with thousands of large and small invisible arrows. One by one,x52 line pipe, big or small holes were exposed, and a big hole in his chest was cracked, in which the internal organs were clearly visible.