Atomstack S20 Pro Laser Engraver Review

At 20 watts of power, the Atomstack S20 Pro offers manufacturing quality, ease of use, and portability, making it an excellent choice for users seeking additional laser cutting power.

At 20 watts of power, the Atomstack S20 Pro offers manufacturing quality, ease of use, and portability, making it an excellent choice for users seeking additional laser cutting power.

Over the past few years, there has been an arms race over overall laser power. The machine started with about 1.7 watts, then 5.5 watts; Late last year, we started seeing some 10-watt machines like the Atomstack S10 Pro.

The Atomstack S20 Pro is the top product in the Atomstack product line. Limit switches on the X and Y axes. This allows the machine to find its original position before each carving/cutting begins. This is useful if you make repeated cuts at the same position in the center of the workpiece. Even if you turn the machine off, it can find a predefined location because it can always start from the same starting position.

In addition to the increased laser power, another major improvement to the S20 laser engraving machine is the addition of a fully integrated air assist system.

Air assistance is a must when you enter high power. It helps reduce the carbonization of materials and is an important safety measure to reduce emergencies.

Atomstack air assist system consists of two parts: air compressor and air nozzle.

The air compressor is a good design, there are two compressors in it. The speed is variable, so if you have finer material, you can lower the airflow and blow the material away.

Air enters the laser module from the compressor through a hose attached to the top of the laser module. Air is then collected inside the module and discharged through a nozzle at the bottom.

Other companies already offer add-on kits for their air compressor systems, but Atomstack is the best and most efficient way to integrate it directly into the overall design.

Another improvement is the way the laser is focused. The S20 laser engraver has a focus holder at the top of the material. To focus, lower the bottom of the laser module until it touches the holder, locking it in place and removing it from the material.

If you remove the protective lens at the bottom of the laser module, you can flip the holder to the side to focus.

So let's talk about the title feature of this machine, the 20W laser diode. This is the most powerful laser diode you can buy today.

A single laser diode can't exceed 6 watts, so how do they reach 20 watts? This is done by combining four diodes into a single beam. This is similar to a 10-watt module that combines two diodes to achieve its power.

This can be very interesting when adding laser diodes doesn't make sense. We now have four laser diodes, so the next iteration of this machine can see eight, which brings us to 40 watts.

But even at 20 watts, I found the machine could cut a lot of material. Unless you are using very thin materials, I used to recommend mainly using diode lasers for engraving. But at 20 watt-hours, you don't need to make multiple cuts to start cutting.

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