Wearing a watch on either your left or right hand

Wear your watch on the wrist that is most satisfied for you.

Watches come in a variety of styles and sizes, and can be worn as a functional instrument or as a fashionable piece of jewellery.

While it is acceptable to wear a watch on whichever hand you are most comfortable with, there is frequently a heated debate about which hand is the most appropriate to wear a watch on.

People are frequently concerned about which arm to wear wristwatches on; while some believe that wearing the watch on the left hand is the norm and provides more comfort, this is because the majority of people are right handed and perform the majority of their tasks with their right hand. But does that mean that lefties will be overlooked when it comes to determining which hand to wear a watch on? This should not be the case!

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the best hand to wear a watch on; the general rule is to wear your watch on the wrist that is most comfortable for you and where your watch will not interfere with your movement.

Wearing watches on the free hand allows people to easily manoeuvre their activities with their preferred hand. For lefties, wearing your watch on your off hand (right hand) will prevent you from injuring yourself and damaging your watch during your activities.

Wear your watch on the wrist that is most satisfied for you. The traditional method is to wear your watch on the less occupied wrist, and since your left hand is the most occupied, you should not hesitate to wear your watch on the right hand. Don't let tradition dictate which hand you wear your watch on; wear it where you find it most comfortable.

There are a few consequences to having to wear your watch with the same hand you use for your activities, which are listed below.

You usually use a lot of force on your preferred hand during your activities; if you wear your watches on the same hand you use for your activities, your wrist muscles will be worked out.

2- Excessive exercise may cause your watch strap to break, and even if the strap is not broken, your wrist may be injured.

3- You will cause yourself unnecessary discomfort by placing the watch where it is not supposed to be; you may have to constantly take precautions while doing some of your activities, which you could have done easily if the watch was placed at the proper hand, will become cumbersome.