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Looking at Bai Yi standing there silently,ceramic bobbin heater, but with a faint flame rising all over his body, Zhu Jianjun smiled, because he knew that his most trusted brother on the battlefield had come back!. global-ceramics.com

Zhu Jianjun was completely surrounded by more than a dozen captains with fire-breathing eyes, and more than a dozen hands pointed to him together, "Since you are so awesome, our team will challenge you.." The voices of more than a dozen captains suddenly stopped, because Zhu Jianjun, who had just been surrounded by them, just flashed lightly and easily flashed out of their encirclement. This kind of almost ghostly but smooth action made people's scalp tingle, which made everyone open their mouths wide and did not close for a long time. As a professional soldier who has to face battle and death at any time, and as a super senior sniper, what Zhu Jianjun hates most is being surrounded by people. He did not pay any attention to the psychological shock caused by his absolutely difficult military action to the people around him. He asked: "If you lose, can you give us the field?!" More than a dozen wargame team captains looked at each other, and they had a vague feeling in their hearts that the origin of this small team of only five people was by no means simple, but now the bow was on the string and it was not up to them not to send, and they all nodded mercilessly. And the words behind Zhu Jianjun almost made the dozen captains swing their weapons on the spot and fight against Zhu Jianjun. Although it is a little childish to take these toys, (Yao Shao: brothers who play wargame must not scold me, I just write this paragraph with the eyes of a pure killing machine who may look at "electric chicken" and "electric dog", they are using real guns and simulated guns, don't mind),ceramic igniter electrodes, but playing with them is also a warm-up exercise before training! Which of your teams will compete first? One of the most furious wargame captains twisted his neck. "I'm coming!" He cried. "Well!" Zhu Jianjun looked at this 21-member wargame team and said slowly: "This team has nine civilians who have never joined the army, four members of the police force, four members of the armed police force, and two veterans, probably two members of the reconnaissance company of the field army or the Marine Corps.". Bai Yi, remember, before the war. You must first try to kick these two opponents from the reconnaissance company of the field army or the Marine Corps out of the game,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, they are your biggest threat! The team that was preparing weapons to compete with Zhu Jianjun's small team, all of them opened their mouths wide and stared at Zhu Jianjun. Their captain was completely dumbfounded. After a long time, he came to his senses and shouted, "This is the secret of our team. How do you know?" Zhu Jianjun did not answer. He really didn't know how to explain to the captain, who had never been in the barracks, how to judge what kind of military training a person had received from the way he held a gun, his body shape, his bearing, and the reaction distance he kept with his teammates! Zhu Jianjun took a Russian-made military telescope from Huang Zhipeng and gazed at the wargame venue in the distance. He said slowly, "Bai Yi, your battlefield is 2,100 meters long and 1,350 meters wide. There are two slopes with a drop of about 150 meters and a peak with a drop of 320 meters. There is a cliff of 75 to 80 degrees.". There is a line of fire that will completely expose you to the enemy's fire coverage net, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,steatite c221, and you should try to avoid this battle area. The whole main battlefield is characterized by jungle, and a small number of areas have hilly combat characteristics. In the middle of the battlefield, there is a river with a width of about 4.5 meters, which is initially estimated to be gentle. When crossing the river, the risk factor is 5%, but you still have to be careful, try not to step on the stones with moss, although it is difficult to be injured with your skill, but the performance of your weapon is unknown, I am not sure it has enough waterproof performance. Bai Yi nodded slowly and pressed a simulated gun from the hands of Yi Qingqiu, the owner of the shooting range. He kept shooting to master the range and trajectory of the simulated gun and adjust his shooting accuracy step by step. And his comrade-in-arms Tie Hui, as his active shooting target, kept moving with military moves at a distance of 50 meters from Bai Yi. Watching Tiehui constantly rolling, constantly moving, with almost no pause in the middle of the military action, hundreds of wargame team members, as long as they had been professional soldiers, all gasped. When a bullet fired by Bai Yi finally hit Tie Hui, Bai Yi suddenly changed. Like Tie Hui, he kept completing all kinds of difficult military evasive actions on the ground, rolling and moving while shooting at Tie Hui until the second bullet hit Tie Hui, and the two brothers smiled at each other, patted the dust off their bodies together, and with a casual attitude, wiped it on the place where it was scratched by small stones on the ground. The scratched skin was immediately "healed" by the mud on his hands. Bai Yi is now the weakest player in the whole team. I, the captain, must take more care of you and let you accept their challenge first. Zhu Jianjun looked at the military watch on his wrist and said, "I'll give you 20 minutes to finish the battle. Can you do that?!" It was not until this time that everyone knew why Bai Yi, the team member, was so crazy, because Zhu Jianjun, the captain, was more crazy than them! He ordered a member of the team to challenge a team of twenty-one people, which was a contempt for the other side to the extreme. They do seem to have some real kungfu, even if the tone is big, but they also require the team members to end the battle within 20 minutes, which is not a strategic contempt for the enemy, but really arrogant enough to become "the world's first"! Bai Yi silently changed into the camouflage uniform that Yi Qingqiu had sent to him and put on the land combat boots that he had not worn for more than ten years. When he slowly put his fighting saber and an all-metal simulated pistol with little practical significance into his body, his blood suddenly began to boil! The uniform is green, the gun is cold, and the saber is sharp. And his blood is hot! Looking at Bai Yi standing there silently,ceramic bobbin heater, but with a faint flame rising all over his body, Zhu Jianjun smiled, because he knew that his most trusted brother on the battlefield had come back!. global-ceramics.com