Li Liang-Wonderful Thief Ding Xiaogou

Then pay the bet, male or female?" "A man." "A man?"? I don't believe it. "So what if you don't?"? I have told the truth. "I check." Xiao Gou rushed over and tried to undress him.

Hook, urgent call small bamboo then, small bamboo anxiously take over, fiercely pull back, side will small hook pulled over. He was calm and laughed. "It's not funny. How could it be like this?" Small bamboo straight anxiously: "How to do?"? The sun is about to go down. Small hook heart is urgent: "We go ahead, perhaps can have an end, can go ashore." What if it fails? Farther from the shore! "Hundreds of Zhangs and thousands of Zhangs are almost the same, if you can pass, you must be able to, if not, even if ten Zhangs, it is difficult to move." Ok Small bamboo no way, had to follow the small hook before the plunder, dead horse and as a living horse doctor. The two men chased for another mile or two, and the swamp lake seemed to be endless, empty except for the mountains far away in the sky, and worse. Yes, as soon as the sun went down, the mire began to ooze fog, and in the blink of an eye, the lake was almost completely covered, forming a sea of fog. Fortunately, the small hook made a prompt decision to find a stone like a table and was able to stop. Seeing that the fog had covered all around, the two men had to give up and wait for the fog to disperse at dawn. The person cannot move, small hook is forced to use those who cry: "Save a person, is somebody all round?"? Get the rope to save people! Shouting for a long time, Xiao Gou felt thirsty and had to stop, smiling even more bitterly. Xiao Zhu comforted him by saying, "Lucky people have their own destiny. Aren't you always lucky?" "You've always had bad luck. If you're not unlucky, how can you turn bad luck into good luck?" "It's good to be lucky. It doesn't matter how fierce you are." Small hook wry smile: "This is the most fierce one, no sword, no fighting, only quiet fog, quiet mud." Trapped me. "There must be a way out,cattle weight tape, when the night is over and the fog clears." "Then we have to wait." I haven't slept comfortably for a long time. The little hook lay down, not daring to use too much force, so as not to shake the stone, even the last bed was gone. Small bamboo thought for a moment, also lie down, only table-sized stone, can only allow two people to lie flat, as long as a slight stretch. Hands, they touch each other. Time is running out minute by minute, everywhere is terribly quiet, two people open their eyes, how can they sleep? Seemed to hear each other's heartbeat, thump thump, even and fast. Small hook has been aware of, with a little laugh: "bamboo ah, your heartbeat is very chaotic, is it because I lie beside you?" And? ' Embarrassed, Xiaozhu scolded, Wheel tape measure ,Horse weight lbs, "Don't be cranky. I'm worried about the darkness. I don't know if there will be a monster." "Are you afraid?" "A little." "Then hold me tight and don't be afraid." "Don't be smug. You're covered in mud and ash. Do you still want someone to hug you?" "So you'll hug me when I'm clean?" Small bamboo cunning way: "You wash, make sure you wash more more black!" "Hey, I'm not that stupid to wash my face with mud." "So you will always be dirty." "Do you believe I can wash it clean?" "I don't believe it." How about a bet? Do you still have the heart to bet? All right, let's bet. "What if you lose?" "Whatever. Hum, hum, I won't lose at all." "Maybe. If I lose, you can do whatever you want.". But if you lose, just tell me, are you a man or a woman? Yes. "You're not verifying." Before the word "body" was uttered, Xiao Zhu was embarrassed and scolded, "You always take advantage of others." "Because you are too much like a girl, my confidence will never be shaken," said Xiao Gou with a smile. "What a bore!" "Are you betting or not?" "Just bet. If I lose, just tell you. If you lose, don't ask this question again." "All right, it's a deal. You're going to lose!" Xiao Gou had already undressed and was right in front of him. Xiao Zhu could see clearly. "What do you want to do?" He cried. "Take off your clothes!" You.. You are dirty and violent. Don't come here. The little bamboo shrank in the corner and was about to sink into the mud. "Don't hide," said Xiao Gou with a laugh. "It's only three inches apart. At this juncture, I'm not in such a mood to go. Striptease? I'm just trying to win this bet. ” "Why take off your clothes when you bet?" How can you wash yourself if you don't take off your clothes? Don't talk nonsense, I have to fight for my bet! The little hook brought it back to the rock face, grabbed the clothes with both hands, and then carried the Jiulong Shengong to gently suck the fog into the air. Xiaozhu doesn't know the reason. What tricks is Xiaozhu playing. But see the mist is sucked slowly first, then suck to the clothes quickly, that mist There is moisture, but now after filtration, over time, the clothes will be wet. Seeing this, Xiao Zhu knew how Xiao Gou got the water. He immediately shouted, "It doesn't count, it doesn't count. I didn't know you would use this move." Small hook is aimed at an eye: "River's lake three two absolutely, say to break become thief, I still bet a fart with you, lose to lose, still play what to cheat?" "Did you win?" Cried Xiaozhu cautiously. "Are you still very dirty?" "That's not easy. Why don't you just suck a few more times?" The little hook rubbed the clothes, first removed the plaster, then wrung out the dirty water, and reluctantly wiped it off, laughing: "It's called dry cleaning. Do you understand? Then there's a shower!" He exercises himself again, inhaling the mist. Xiao Zhu snickered, stretched out his hand, opened his mouth, and fiercely pushed the fog away, making it difficult for Xiao Gou to suck. Small hook is amazed: "Did you play trick?" "Who stipulates that you can't pull the fog? Hey, let you suck it until tomorrow, without a drop of water." "Come on, who's afraid of who?" The small hook desperately carries the magic skill to suck the fog, the small bamboo desperately blows, two people contend for each other, quickly twists into a ball. However, Xiao Zhu's skill was worse than Xiao Gou's after all, and after a long time, he was finally defeated, and still let Xiao Gou absorb a lot of moisture. Wet his clothes again, and the little hook proudly wiped them off his body, which could also remove the dirt. Small hook cannot help, complacent: "You lost,horse weight tape, not convinced?" "If you lose, lose. What's the big deal?" "Then pay the bet, male or female?" "A man." "A man?"? I don't believe it. "So what if you don't?"? I have told the truth. "I check." Xiao Gou rushed over and tried to undress him.