My beautiful wife.

This also made Shangguan Able Person realize that all kinds of magic skills in martial arts novels are deceptive. In reality, there is no internal skills at all. Martial arts novels are harmful to people.

Shangguan capable person's appetite, two sesame seed cakes, a bowl of old tofu is enough, add up to only two yuan, but today I don't know why, Shangguan capable person two sesame seed cakes and a bowl of old tofu into the stomach, but still feel hungry, hurriedly asked for another one, and so on this finished, only to find that only six full, but Shangguan capable people dare not ask for another one. He packed five yuan to go out today, two already spent four yuan, there is still one yuan left, and finally the superior officer asked for two sesame cakes to take away, while eating on the way, while going home. Shangguan people do not understand why their appetite suddenly became so much bigger? Is it because of the greater strength? Can come back from the hospital yesterday already ate two meals, the appetite of those two meals is very normal! Why do you become a git today? Of course, Shangguan Able Person will not understand the reason. In fact, after a night's rest, Shangguan Able Person's body has entered a new stage of growth and development. If he measures his height, he will find that his height has increased by 1 centimeter overnight, and the nutrition needed for this 1 centimeter is all on breakfast. One centimeter, with the naked eye simply can not detect anything, after all, the height of 1.73 meters in the morning, the height of 1.71 meters in the evening,Magnesium Sulphate producer, almost everyone has, just like a child, you look at him every day, although the child is growing up every day, you do not have much awareness, until a long time after measuring the height, suddenly found, oh? It turns out that the child has grown so tall. On the way, eating sesame seed cake,dap diammonium phosphate, I passed by a park square unconsciously. It was nothing when I passed by before, but now there is a row of weapons in the square. Two old men in their seventies, who are very strong, are kicking and boxing, playing with knives and sticks. Look at their every move. Although they are slow and leisurely, they are well-organized, like a practitioner. Oh As usual, Shangguan Able Person has seen these old men who do morning exercises, but he didn't care about them. After all, these old men's movements are slow and leisurely, and they don't look lethal at all. Shangguan Able Person is just an old man's flower shelf for physical exercise, just like Taijiquan, which is not used for fighting, but for health preservation. Besides, Huabei City has never heard of any retired martial artists. Although these old men are hale and hearty, they do not have the slightest immortal spirit all over their bodies. On the contrary, they are a bit like old farmers in the fields. Their skin is dark and shriveled like old bark. Even those who do not judge people by their appearance will definitely not believe that these old men are martial arts masters. Shangguan capable person also does not believe, but considering their current level of F, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, Shangguan capable person would like to see, these old man's martial arts skills is not only garbage F? In that case, the martial arts will be settled. He stuffed the sesame seed cake into his mouth, and the superior officer stepped over. These two old men, one is practicing fists and feet, the other is playing with weapons, but each has its own set of skills, which looks very interesting. When the two old men who were practicing martial arts saw the young people watching, they seemed to have the motivation to practice more vigorously, especially the one who practiced the sword. The sword dance of Daguan Gong was so vigorous that he had a sword in his hand. I had the momentum in the world, and the saliva of the superior officer was almost flowing down. The two old men were very satisfied with the reaction of Shangguan Able Person, but they were too old to play for a long time, just three or five minutes. The old man who practiced the knife stopped and pulled a towel off the weapon rack to wipe the sweat on his head. Seeing Shangguan Able Person looking at himself with worship on his face, he could not help but feel comfortable and laughed: "Young man, can you play?" The superior officer quickly shook his head and said, "Grandpa, I don't know martial arts, but I think you both practice very well. You must have been martial artists before." At this time, the old man who practiced boxing also finished his work. Hearing this, he laughed and said, "What a martial artist!"! Both of us are martial arts enthusiasts at most. When we were young, we also had a martial arts school here. We all practiced with it for a few years. But later, the martial arts school was not well managed and closed. Since then, our two brothers have put martial arts down, that is, occasionally practiced. A few years ago, we retired and got old, so we got up early to exercise when we were free. ” Perhaps there are fewer and fewer young people who like to practice martial arts these days. When the two old men saw that Shangguan Able Person was interested in martial arts, they also came to talk about sex. They chattered with Shangguan Able Person for a long time, all of which were interesting things about practicing martial arts when they were young. Shangguan able person listened with relish. The two old men were so old that the background of the times when they were young was enough for him to be novel. However, the superior officer did not forget his purpose and took the opportunity to touch the two old men again (sweat, how can it sound so evil?) 。“ Found F-level fist and foot kungfu, whether to absorb? "Found F-level weapon kungfu, whether to absorb?" Shangguan Able Person was pleasantly surprised, really sleepy to send pillows ah! The two old men's martial arts are really rubbish F level, but the two old men are so old, it's not bad to have an F level martial arts. Absorption "Successful absorption, the host has F-level fist and foot kungfu, because fist and foot kungfu belongs to the sub-item of the major'martial arts', opening the fourth major'martial arts'." "Successful absorption, the host has F-level weapon kungfu, because the weapon kungfu belongs to the sub-item of the major'martial arts', opening the fourth major'martial arts'." Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Chapter 5 I fly, I fly, I fly again. Update, tears for recommended tickets. Accompanied by the prompt sound, Shangguan capable person felt that he really learned martial arts, but no matter the blade or fists and feet, are common, according to the estimation of Shangguan capable person, this f-level martial arts, the top also hit a half street hoodlum, all frills, garbage ah! Moreover, there are only two sub-items of martial arts, namely,calcium nitrate sol, the blade and the fist and foot. Shangguan Able Person originally thought that martial arts must be the difference between internal skills and external skills, but it was not the case at all. This also made Shangguan Able Person realize that all kinds of magic skills in martial arts novels are deceptive. In reality, there is no internal skills at all. Martial arts novels are harmful to people.