Zhen Tian Di Dao

With their movements,industrial racking systems, the huge city of sin seemed to come to life, and countless marks flashed out on the body of the city, sending out bursts of brilliance. kingmoreracking.com

The seven men of the Soul Devouring Sect kept approaching the City of Sin, and one of the Xuanxian disciples opened his mouth and looked at the ancient immortal elder in front of him. Yes, that's him. I didn't expect him to be so powerful now. The ancient immortal nodded and frowned slightly. The imperial capital is the enemy wanted by our soul-eating sect. Elder, you can't kill his mother either? Another disciple asked. Can't kill, he has now been able to fight with the ancient immortal master, even can hurt and kill the ancient immortal master, I can't kill him against him, however, he now came to this killing world, should be sent to his three courtiers into the killing heart world, you six people meet in which to kill his three courtiers. The ancient immortal master said to the six men. Yes, Elder! The six Xuanxian disciples all nodded, with a cold flash in their eyes. Boom! Several people's voices just fell, then heard a roar, endless killing gas surge rolling, the whole void broken, instantly turned into chaos, a magic axe, carrying a chaotic world instantly came to the front of seven people. What is this The huge power spread out, making the six Xuanxian masters face changed greatly. No, go! The ancient immortal master also changed his face and shouted that he would turn around and flee with six people, but found that all the space had been sealed, and it was difficult for him to move. Elder,Automated warehouse systems, help me! Help me! "Elder, help!" The six Xuanxian disciples kept shouting, with a frightened look on their faces. Before the axe fell, the huge pressure came, which made them break their bones and fall to the ground, unable to move, and as the axe and the chaos got closer and closer, the pressure became greater and greater. Nope! Help! A Xuanxian master cried out sadly,heavy duty metal racking, and then the whole person was crushed to pieces by the tremendous pressure, turning into a fog of blood, and the soul was also obliterated by the tremendous pressure. With the fall of the first Xuanxian, the remaining five Xuanxian almost turned into a fog of blood at the same time, and died completely. When the axe came out, the Xuanxian master could not even bear the pressure attached to the axe. Ah With a cry of anger and fear, the ancient immortal master took out a soul-eating staff and blocked it in front of him. Unfortunately, the power of the axe could not be resisted by the ancient immortal. When the axe fell, the whole person was annihilated and everything was swallowed up by the chaotic airflow. Let's go Putting away the axe, Dijing took a faint look at the chaos that was disappearing in the distance, and took Ren Fang three people to turn around and head for Sin City. Sin City, standing in the center of the killing world, this city is very huge, is nearly ten times the ordinary world city, the whole body is dark, like a prehistoric beast. The walls of the city are carved with countless patterns, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,industrial racking systems, each of which contains a trace of the artistic conception of killing. Countless patterns are intertwined, and the killing intention of the sky emanates from the city, constantly impacting the mind of every monk who approaches. In the city, the killing gas blocked the sun, forming a group of thick clouds, a powerful killing breath rose into the sky, so that every monk who had just arrived could not help but tremble. What a great city! The blood knife and the axe general both sighed, and the strong breath of killing made their blood boil. This is the center of the whole killing world, and the smell of killing is amazing. Ren Fang looked at the city in front of him and said in shock. Imperial capital four people into the city, see the street one by one coming and going of the monks are all cold, a murderous look strong to the extreme, and, the city can not help but kill, four people see a lot of monks in the street suddenly start, every move is contains endless killing, ruthless. Walking on the street, the emperor looked at the direction of the center of the city, where is the castellan mansion, from there, the emperor sensed a terrible breath, those breath of ordinary Jinxian monks may not have found the slightest, but the emperor is very clear feeling, where the killing machine is pure and strong, It is far from being comparable to other monks who practice the way of killing. Light to see a few eyes, the imperial capital then took Ren Fang three people came to a restaurant in the city, killing heart world will be opened in a few days, four people also did not move more in this world full of killing. As the world of killing the heart is about to open, this restaurant is inhabited by a large number of masters of other world forces, each of which has at least sent Jinxian masters to come, and the imperial capital has also seen a lot of ancient immortal masters. So many big forces, will inevitably encounter enemies, so the whole restaurant in the atmosphere is very tense, murderous. With a flash of divine light in his eyes, he saw several familiar forces. People came to the Immovable Empire of the Central Empire in the Great World of the Imperial Way, as well as the Taijiquan Sect and the Taiji Yin and Yang Sect that he had seen in the Great World of Taiji. What he did not expect was that there were also people coming to the Taiji Mountain and River Sect. However, so many forces in the imperial capital also just took a look, more are never touched by the forces, four people came to the room provided by the restaurant, waiting for the opening of the killing heart. Hum! A few days later, the order of killing in the hands of the emperor suddenly trembled, and the breath of killing emanated from it. The world of killing hearts is about to open! Dijing looked excited and led Ren Fang three people out of the restaurant. Came to the outside, the street has been full of all kinds of monks, the emperor looked up at the void, saw a few figures standing over the city, those figures are men and women, each woman is graceful, stunning, but those men are an ugly appearance, so that ordinary people can be scared out of their souls at a glance. The Asuras! Dijing looked at those figures and felt a shock in his heart. Those men and women were all masters of the Asura clan, and each of them was a powerful ancient immortal monk. Several masters of the Asura clan waved their hands constantly, and countless handprints with the meaning of killing emanated from their hands and merged with the whole city of sin. With their movements,industrial racking systems, the huge city of sin seemed to come to life, and countless marks flashed out on the body of the city, sending out bursts of brilliance. kingmoreracking.com