Doomsday Train [Infinite Flow] --Zhao Anyu

The person that talk is a new person, say incoherently: "Be yesterday that shellfish what man." Mr. Velasquez? He was so angry yesterday that he dared to land on the island again today? Probably still worried about us? This guy is actually kind.. Wait ! In an instant, Bai Han

It was a pity that it was not a heavenly horse. Bai Han looked at it with regret and put it on the bed. In the bedroom, living room and bathroom, Bai Han turned the inside of the "Narcissus" boathouse upside down and left after making sure there were no omissions. Standing at the door and comparing the map, Bai Han walked toward another boathouse half a kilometer away. As the light of the fire faded away, a desperate darkness once again enveloped the small boathouse. I don't know how long it took for all the puppets to move as if they had heard some order: Barbie dusted her skirt, Bonnie Rabbit kept flicking her long ears, and the orangutan doll circled around the living room angrily, as if he had been offended by a tree branch. The flower fairies, who had been left on the bed in the bedroom, flapped their wings through the window hole and flew straight onto the bow of the boat to look into the distance: the living people who had just offended their territory were far away. A few minutes later, he spread out his hands like a human and returned to his angry companion to comfort him: "Don't worry, there is still tomorrow.". The author has something to say: transition chapter, this task sends a few more box lunches. Chapter 194 Doll Island IV. November 29, 2017 When Bai Han stepped into the "passion flower" villa, the sky was already bright. It seemed that most of her companions were as futile as she was, yawning and chatting together; waiting for the slowest Mohican to return to his place, hot coffee and beef soup were placed in the center of the table, sandwiches and pancakes were filled with meat,heavy duty rack manufacturers, cakes and so on. Since the mission was carried out on an isolated island, it was impossible to have too much fresh water resources. The three teams of Bai Han, who had learned the lesson of "Chernobyl Amusement Park", each carried several large suitcases of food, which was more than enough even with the consumption of seven new people. Bai Han: Tianma; Liang Yusheng: Orcs or wolves, titans and so on; Shen Baifu: Bumblebee.. "As usual, the two girls in charge of the minutes of the meeting worked while eating,push back racking system, registering and distributing the targets that ten people needed to find, and determining the scope of last night according to the map.". Bai Han swallowed a piece of Tiramisu. "Just say you must catch Tianma. What should you do after catching it?"? Take it with you? Put them together? Will something else continue to appear? "Come back here first after you catch it." Liang Yisheng looked at his companions. "Our two teams have exactly the same tasks. It's impossible to have nothing to do with each other. It's very likely that we'll have to get together before we can take the next step." What chemical reaction will Pegasus have with Orcs and Bumblebees? Love at first sight? Irreconcilable? Could it be.. The dolls we found each other. PK, the possessed spirit who survived to the end can absorb the evil spirits of other failed dolls? The final task is to destroy it? Bai Han, who had seen too many horror movies, began to think about it; his companions complained loudly: "Where can I find Dumbo on such a big island?" "Contentment, at least you write clearly: 'Flying by ears, long nose is more sensitive than arms.' Isn't that Dumbo in Disney?"? Who can tell the difference between Batman and Dracula? Bai Han, who was drinking beef soup, suddenly wanted to laugh. Ear Liang Yisheng and Zhao Handan discussed, "no matter what things can not stand waiting for us to catch, it is best to get it done in the first three days, and then trouble." For the first three days, the dolls will stay where they are, asrs warehouse ,heavy duty cantilever racks, and at most their eyes will follow you. In a few days, the siege will come? It's hard to find the Pegasus Orc again. Bai Han's head is as big as a bucket. Please, Pegasus, where are you hiding? "It's the same old problem." Zhao Handan frowned, a bit like Chu Yan when she was thinking. All ten of us have different goals. What if someone has an accident and can't pass the test without him in the end? The two teams have discussed this question countless times in Penglai, and no one has an accurate answer, let alone get into a dead end, so they can only take one step at a time. The massacre task was not easy to deal with, and neither of the two teams was happy, so they could only eat in silence. After a while, Shen Baifu said slowly, "Seriously, which one of you saw the bumblebee?" Everybody shakes shake one's head, say with one voice however: "Garfield cat is not old and young, one night sees several, the problem does not have fat elder brother this' blue sweater red scarf '." The fat man wanted to cry without tears. Xu Haiying, a third-class bystander, recommended himself: "Brother Liang, why don't you do this: We don't want to be idle, so we'll go out and help."? It's easy to do anything during the day, and if you really want to find you, you don't have to work hard at night. Bai Han has a kind of intuition, since the task requires "after the sunset alone to find", in the daytime in any case can not find the trace of the horse, ordinary tasks are not feasible, let alone this is the gate of death; but since others volunteered, of course, we do not want to undermine morale. Liang Yisheng thought about it and suggested, "Well, brother, you more than a dozen people are looking around in the morning. In the afternoon, you should repair the house and reinforce it. You have to stay here for seven days." Xu Haiying patted his chest and said, "No problem. You have to sleep quickly. You have to toss about at night." The man was also agile, and after a few words of advice from the surgeon, he quickly set off with sunglasses and three other teammates. The newlyweds are also ready to leave in full swing, so that they can leave the villa to the first-class seats to rest. The bed in the bedroom was already rotten, and no one wanted to fall down when he was sleeping soundly, so he simply slept on the floor. Bai Han leaned against the wall to clean out a small open space and laid the thin blanket he had brought. Let's go to the Red Rose in the afternoon. This island is haunted by Mia, and she may have to find her evil spirits and kill them in the end. I don't believe I can get through with a few dolls. "It's up to you to close the gate of death." The little freckle lying beside him closed his eyes and said vaguely, "You have enough experience." I hate the gates of death. Bai Han hummed and lay on the pillow rolled up by his coat, looking for the most comfortable position,automated warehouse systems, and was shocked by the noise coming from the living room next door. Someone's coming! It's the Bei! The person that talk is a new person, say incoherently: "Be yesterday that shellfish what man." Mr. Velasquez? He was so angry yesterday that he dared to land on the island again today? Probably still worried about us? This guy is actually kind.. Wait ! In an instant, Bai Han jumped up from the blanket and startled the little freckles.