Fierce Ghost Shelter System

Walking through a street, there was no courtyard open, and Qin Kun did not know which direction the courtyard of the Dou family owner was in.

Fart!!! The scar-faced cow hit the chain fiercely, and the cow smashed the chain open with a nail pestle. Scar-faced cow was very surprised: "Niu Meng, he almost killed the patriarch, do you want to serve this man as the Lord?"? Betray the Bull Demon? Niu Meng said in a deep voice, "Niu Xiong, calm down. I believe things happen for a reason." Scar-faced beef tendons twisted arms wrapped in chains, angry laugh back: "Good!"! OK! Then you might as well slaughter the Bull Demons as well! Scar face cow body Yin wind agitation, let a person have a kind of cut face pain, cow fierce block in front of Qin Kun, skinning ghost, wedding ghost, smiling ghost also block in front. The pressure of the ghost, even half a step of evil spirits are difficult to resist. Chu Qianxun's corpse lamp ghost also went up, as well as Wang Gan's flying thunder stiff. Five evil spirits, one ghost general, surrounded the scar-faced cow who was on the verge of rampage. When Qin Kun saw Wang Gan and Chu Qianxun getting better, he looked back with red eyes: "Scar-faced cow, I only explain once. If you dare to provoke me again, I will be the first to kill you!" The scar-faced cow was stared at by Qin Kun, and his anger suddenly stagnated, and the look in his eyes made people shiver. It is a kind of indescribable feeling, as if the two identities are very different,rapid sand filters, the heart inexplicably more than a sense of inferiority. Qin Kun heart, with a friend injured self-reproach, thought that the middle-aged ghost vulnerable, even if thousands of ghosts into an array, the art is limited, can quickly subdue the other side, but the judgment is wrong. The price is that Wang Gan almost died. Chu Qianxun, Sky Mark Lamp. Weak Chu Chihiro handed over the sky mark lamp. Qin Kun held the candle,filter nozzle, the flame above suddenly became bigger, and a picture of whispering came into view. In the picture, the two men are the old ghost and the head of the cow clan who are fighting. They are fighting fiercely, but their mouths are constantly moving, and they don't seem to be fighting. The scar-faced cow was stiff when he saw the picture in the sky mark lamp. People with a little eyesight can see that the head of the cow clan is definitely not really fighting, but in the fight, discussing something with the head of the Dou family. In the fight just now, Qin Kun has been trying to use the eye of heaven to find the flaw and eye of the'broken array '. Now the eye of heaven has the effect of'breaking the barrier'. The wall of the ancestral temple can't block his vision. At that time, when he was looking for the eye, he accidentally saw this picture. Do two things at the same time, which led to the line of sight did not keep up with the middle-aged ghost, let him hurt Wang Gan. Otherwise, his concealment could not escape his own eyes. Qin Kun loosened the sky mark lamp, and the flame above jumped and returned to normal. Did you see that? The house and ancestral hall are very quiet. I don't know when the anger of the scar-faced cow dissipated. Qin Kun carried the unconscious Wang Gan on his back and said in a low voice, "It's not kind." Qin Kun brushed past the scar-faced cow. The scar-faced cow lowered his head and said hoarsely, disc air diffuser ,multi disc screw press, "Maybe the patriarch is helping you make peace.." "I need him to make peace with me?!" A sudden burst of pressure, a rhetorical question, suddenly sucked away all the flames in the ancestral temple, the flames whirled around Qin Kun's body, interwoven into a robe, pouring down from the shoulders, eyes as cold as ice. 'Ding! Congratulations to the host, Ye Huo Shen Gang has achieved a little success, and obtained the promotion skill: Ming Wei '. Ming Wei Introduction: Incense is offered in the volume, and the Dharma Robe is concentrated. (Hint: As long as the surrounding incense is flourishing, the Yang body can be activated even if it is not there.) "Judge, Judge?" The scar-faced cow was stunned and shocked, thinking that he was wrong. Wang Gan's weak voice rang out: "Qin Black Dog.." Let me go.. Come down Qin Kun did not squint: "You are hurt." Wang Gan smiled sadly, "Don't hurt the fat master.." I can feel it.. Lying on you will shorten your life. The thunder dust took Wang Gan and carried him on his back. The scar-faced cow stopped the crowd who wanted to go. Where are you going? Bull Demon Street must have been targeted by the three families. Master Dou and Master Jiang will try to retaliate against you if they escape. There are six other ghosts in Stone City. If they all come, you can't escape! The scar-faced cow stood in front of Qin Kun. Qin Kun ignored it and looked at the empty wall. "Now that you're here, what else are you hiding?" The scar-faced cow was stunned, not knowing who Qin Kun was talking to. But the next moment, on the wall of the house, a beard carrying a flagon turned in, followed by a handsome peach blossom eye and a green beard full of gangsterism. "In less than half a day, our Tianzitang Gaozu was seriously injured?" Peach blossom eyes patted Wang Gan's buttocks, the wound was pulled, Wang Gan grinned with pain: "Big flower.." People like you will die a terrible death. Peach Blossom Eyes smiled and looked at Qin Kun: "Who was hurt?" "A ghost general." Nie Beard's expression is slightly tipsy: "Shen Gang's robe.". Qin Kun, you not only stole the tiger roar of our Dou Zong, but also stole the robe of Shen Gang of the judge's family. Thirty years ago, Qin Kun cut off the tattoo of the urn of ashes from the palm of Zuo Jinchen's hand, which may have incorporated the Taoist art of the judge's family into the Ten Death Seals. Qin Kun raised his eyelids slightly. He didn't want to care about how they found themselves, nor did he want to talk nonsense about stealing a teacher. He said bluntly, "Are you interested in the two ghost generals?" Douzong Sanhu snorted coldly: "Cut the crap, where is it?" If it is before fighting alone, I am afraid three people together will not be able to take a ghost, but now, more than three ghosts are not the same. The giant stone ghost, the blood widow, the curse karma ghost, the three ghosts are evil and pressing, and the three tigers of Dou Zong are strong and fierce, so they are absolutely more than enough to deal with a ghost. Come with me Qin Kun left Wang Gan and Chu Qianxun here and went out with the three tigers of Douzong. Almost all the streets of Manshi City were closed, and Yin Cao had to rest. Qin Kun's eyes overlooked the whole city, and the direction of Chang's home in Manshi City was noisy. It seemed that Xu Facheng had gone. Jiang Jia, just let Dou Zong three brothers go. His target is the Dou family. Dou home is very big, the whole range of Dou home, the house is connected, just like a neighborhood. A man went to the neighborhood of Doujia, Qin Kun did not open his eyes, put away the judge's appearance, and wandered around at will. It turned out that the old ghost with hanging eyebrows also had clansmen and was concerned about him. The owners of these courtyards had gone to bed, and the doors were closed. Seeing these big families, Qin Kun sighed with emotion: as expected,lamella tube, they are much richer than Huangcun. Walking through a street, there was no courtyard open, and Qin Kun did not know which direction the courtyard of the Dou family owner was in.